Charlie H. Zhang, Ph.D.

Professor of Geography and Geosciences


Research Interests
Crime Mapping
Spatial Demography
School Segregation
Health Geographies
GIS and Spatial Analysis
Quantitative Methods

Associate editor, International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research (2018- )
Academic editor, PeerJ - The Journal of Life and Environmental Sciences (2017- )

Recent Projects
(2018) Maternal exposure to fly ash and adverse birth outcomes. National Institute of Health, R21, CO-I; PI-Kristina Zierold at University of Alabama at Birmingham (Pending).
(2019 – 2022) Measuring Human Casualties in Earthquakes Based on Big Data Derived from Remote Sensing and Mobile Phone Network. National Natural Science Foundation of China. Co-PI; PI-Xiaoyong Zhang. RMB ¥580,000 ($85,765).
(2018-19) Coal Ash and Children: A Community Study of the Association between Ash and
ADHD.” NIEHS. February 1, 2018 – August 31, 2019. Co-I; PI: Kristina Zierold. $593,029.
(2018) The obesogenic environment: A novel community level risk factor for HCC. R21 Grant proposal submitted to NIH in June 2018. Co-I; PI - Robert Cannon (Not Funded).
(2018) Assessing the role of geography and rural disparities in cancer outcomes. R21 grant proposal submitted to the National Cancer Institute, $225, 058. Co-I; PI - Michael Egger (Not Funded).
(2016) Investigating new evidence of white flight as a consequence of demographic change and school choice policies in U.S. metropolitan areas. National Science Foundation, PI (with Matt Ruther - CO-PI, Not Funded).
(2015-17) Exploring spatial patterns of private school enrollment and underlying causes in U.S. metropolitan areas. UofL EVPRI Internal Research Grant (R-1). PI. $1800.
(2014-16) Ovarian Cancer and Pulp and Paper Manufacturing in the U.S.: A Geospatial Analysis. Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research Pilot Study Awards. Co-PI; PI - Carol Hanchette. $68,778.

Geog 200 Introduction of Human Geography
Geog 328 Urban Geography
Geog 331 Population Geography
Geog 529 Geography of Urban Issues
Geog 531/631 GIS and Urban Demography
Geog 590 Spatial Data Analysis and Modeling
Geog 590 (CJ 509) Crime Analysis
Geog 656 Advanced Spatial Statistics
Geog 690 (CJ 656) Crime Mapping

Graduate Students Mentored
Alan Noonan
Joshua Sherretz