French MA Program Curriculum

The French MA requires 30 hours of academic work in French at the graduate level.

Students are required to take the following two courses:
French 611: Teaching and Research Methods in French
French 699: Final Research Project

In addition to 611 and 699, students will take a minimum of eight (8) courses when choosing the non-thesis option and a minimum of six (6) courses when choosing the thesis option with at least one course from each of the rubrics below. Students choosing the thesis option must complete between three and six (3-6) hours of thesis credit (French 690).

Language skills:
French 600: Advanced Stylistics
French 523: Advanced Communication,  if appropriate
Approved elective

French 522: Phonetics
French 524: Translation
French 601: Studies in Linguistics
Approved elective

French 531: Special Topics in Literature and Cultural Studies
French 604: Studies in Literature
Approved elective French

French 531: Special Topics in Literature and Cultural Studies
French 552: French Work-Exchange Research, or alternate study-abroad research project as approved by the Director of Graduate Studies
French 602: Studies in Culture
Approved elective

French 603: Studies in Media
Approved elective   

With permission of the Director of Graduate Studies, students may complete the degree with appropriate course work in other disciplines.


For more information about the French MA Program, please contact:
Dr. Bonnie Fonseca Greber,
Director of Graduate Studies in French
  bonnie.fonsecagreber @