A sample of our graduates and what they are up to&.

Ann H. is studying French linguistics at the University of Florida, Gainesville, headed towards a Ph.D.

Having earned a Ph.D. in Physical Therapy, Cory C. is now working at the Frazier Rehabilitation Institute in Louisville.

Emily R.S. earned an MA in French at the University of Chicago and is earning certification to teach French and English, with experience at the Lycée français de Chicago and at Northwestern University.

Katie J. taught at a local private school before moving to the University of Connecticut, where she is completing her Ph.D.

Kelly F. is a Ph.D. candidate in French Linguistics at Indiana University and works as Editorial Assistant for Studies in Second Language Acquisition.

Kyle G. founded SES, a tutoring company based in Miami, Florida; he now employs over 600 people working as tutors across the US.

Laura G. A. is an eighth-grade French teacher in Louisville.

Lori S. P. is living in Toulouse, France, where she is finishing a degree in Nursing.

Margaret B. is a senior research manager for a market research firm in Austin, TX.

Maureen S. practices law in Louisville.

Morghan T. is working as an Operations Technical Support person in Information Technology at the University of Louisville.

Patricia I.T. practices family medicine in Clarksville, IN.

Sarah E.C. taught English in Burgundy, France for one year before pursuing a career in nursing in Louisville, KY.

Shannon M. spent a year teaching English in Dijon, France before returning to Kentucky for more education, first at UofL and now at UK, where shes enrolled in the Patterson School of Diplomacy.

Terena B. founded In Every Language, a translation and interpretation firm whose client base now spans the globe.

T.O.G. spent some time in Russia, completed an MA in Political Science, and is now developing a scientific imports company, called Barker and Graham, L.L.C., while working in the hotel business.