Peer-Reviewed Publications

“Outside Equity and Healthcare Firm Behavior” (with Haizhen Lin, Michael Richards, Christopher Whaley, and Xiaoxi Zhao). Forthcoming, Journal of Health Economics. [Download]

“Provider Turf Wars and Medicare Payment Rules (with Alice Chen, Stephen Parente, and Michael Richards). Journal of Public Economics, 218, 2023. [Download]

“Do Physicians Warm Up to Higher Medicare Prices? Evidence From Alaska” (with Alice Chen, Stephen Parente, and Michael Richards). Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 41(2), 2022. [Download]

Long-Run Growth of Ambulatory Surgery Centers 1990-2015 and Medicare Payment Policy (with Michael Richards). Health Services Research, 57(1), 2022. [Download]

“Reducing Readmissions by Addressing the Social Determinants of Health” (with Bill Evans, Sarah Kroeger, Grace Ortuzar, and Kathryn Wagner). American Journal of Health Economics, 7(1), 2021. [Download]
          National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM) Foundation 2021 Research Award Finalist

“Treatment Flows After Outsourcing Public Insurance Provision: Evidence from Florida Medicaid” (with Michael Richards). Health Economics, 29(11), 2020. [Download]

“What Explains the Rising Share of U.S. Men in Registered Nursing?”
(with Abigail Wozniak). Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 73(1), 2020[Download]
          Washington Center for Equitable Growth Working Paper 2017-10. [Download Working Paper]
          Media Coverage: New York TimesWall Street JournalLouisville Business FirstWDRB

“Returns to Specialization: Evidence from the Outpatient Surgery Market” (with Stephen Parente). Journal of Health Economics, 57, 2018. [Download]
          Former title: “Costs and Benefits of Competing Health Care Providers: Trade-Offs in the Outpatient Surgery Market"

“Effects of Educational Messaging on Urgent and Emergent Care Seeking Behaviors” (with Jesse Cambon, Tristan Cordier, Andrew Renda, Bobby Kapur, Shkelzen Hoxhaj, and Meredith Williams). American Health & Drug Benefits,11(2), 2018.

“The Labor Market Effects of California’s Minimum Nurse Staffing Law.” Health Economics, 23(8), 2014. [Download]

“Procedures Take Less Time at Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Keeping Costs Down and Ability to Meet Demand Up” (with Stephen Parente). Health Affairs, 33(5), 2014. [Download]
          Media Coverage: Courier-Journal, Louisville Business First, Modern Healthcare, TheStreet

“Birth Spacing and Sibling Outcomes” (with Kasey Buckles). The Journal of Human Resources, 47(3), 2012. [Download].
          Media Coverage: New York TimesFreakonomics blog, NBC Nightly News, TIME, ABC News, Jezebel, Daily Mail

Working Papers

“Raising the Stakes: Physician Facility Investments and Provider Agency” (with Michael Richards, Christopher Whaley, and Xiaoxi Zhao). Revise and resubmit, American Economic Review. RAND Working Paper No. WR-A621-4.  [Download Working Paper]

“Changes in the Air Ambulance Market and Effects on Individual Health Outcomes” (with Melanie Guldi and Steven Talbert).

           Mark Berger Best Paper Award, Kentucky Economic Association (2019)

“State Regulation and Competition in Outpatient Surgery Markets” (with Luke Chicoine).

Economic Conditions, International Medical Graduate Training, and the U.S. Physician Workforce (with Emily Davis and José Fernandez).

“Pricing Innovation in Surgical Care Markets” (with Alice Chen, Seth Freedman, and Michael Richards).


Work in Progress

“Using Social Workers to Manage Inpatient Care Transitions: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment” (with William Evans and Kathryn Wagner).

“Comparing Quality of Care for Pediatric Dental Procedures Conducted in Ambulatory Surgical Centers and Hospital Outpatient Departments” (with Ashley Kranz, Jessica Lee, Christopher Whaley, and Xiaoxi Zhao). Supported by AHRQ Health Services Research Project R01 Grant.

“Expressions of Gratitude from Public Health Officials and Preventative Health Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic” (with Katina Kulow and David Birke).

"The Effect of Low Income Housing Tax Credit Developments on Birth Outcomes" (with Katie Yewell and Weihua Zhao).