Animation Software

There are a variety of free websites that provide animation creation software.  Listed below are some of the most well-known and most used.  

Each of these sites provides a free or trial version of the software, but each also have limitations or requirements for this free version.  Common examples of these include the inability to download the video from the site, the inclusion of a watermark or intro/outro bumper, or limits to the length or quantity of videos.

Designing your animation

Here are some important parts of the Design stage:

  • Outlining - Creating an outline of the topics and ideas that you want to express in your video helps to keep you on track throughout the process.
  •  Storyboarding - A storyboard helps you and others to envision what the video will be when finished (they look like a comic strip).  Use these to organize your ideas, help generate new ideas, or sharpen the outline for your video.