Ray A. Yeager, PhD, MPH

Environmental Justice & Health Disparities and Climate Change & Health (EHC) Research Interest Group Member


Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
Dr. Yeager is an active collaborator on the Green Heart Louisville project, University of Louisville Superfund Research Center projects, and the Louisville Healthy Heart Study. The overarching goal of his research is to identify and create a better understanding of environmental factors affecting cardiovascular risk, particularly greenness and air pollutants, that enables high-impact and translatable research to further the NIH mission “to seek fundamental knowledge about the nature and behavior of living systems and the application of that knowledge to enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce illness and disability.” Dr. Yeager oversees collection, storage, analysis, and interpretation of all geographically-linked information at the Envirome Institute. This includes geographic data analysis methods of geocoded participant records, assessment of geophysical characteristics, characterization of environmental exposures, and development of visual representations of geographic information. He has over 12 years of professional and academic experience in geographic analysis, data management, and environmental research.

Research Keywords: environmental health, cardiovascular risk, greenness, air pollutants, cardiovascular health, GIS, geographical analysis, health geography

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