Study Abroad

There are a growing number of opportunities for UofL students to study in Asian countries.  If you are a McConnell Scholar, you can spend a month in China at the end of your junior year.  In recent years, International Travel Seminars have taken students in the University Honors Program to China, India, and Japan.

Other programs are open to all eligible UofL students.  The university International Center offers travel opportunities throughout Asia. More information: UofL Study Abroad Destinations.

Two study abroad consortia with which UofL works, the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad and the Kentucky Institute for International Studies, also offer courses in Asia, with credit that can be used towards a UofL degree.

Current Programs

China: Xi'an International Studies University Exchange Program

For more information contact Asian Studies Program: (502) 852-0274 or email Dr. Shiping Hua at