Asia in the New Millennium

Series Editor: Shiping Hua


Asia in the New Millennium is a series of books offering new interpretations of an important geopolitical region. The series examines the challenges and opportunities of Asia from the perspectives of politics, economics, and cultural-historical traditions, highlighting the impact of Asian developments on the world. Of particular interest are books on the history and prospect of the democratization process in Asia. The series also includes policy-oriented works that can be used as teaching materials at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Innovative manuscript proposals at any stage are welcome.


Advisory Board


William Callahan, University of Manchester, Southeast Asia, Thailand

Lowell Dittmer, University of California at Berkeley, East Asia and South Asia

Robert Hathaway, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, South Asia, India, Pakistan

Mike Mochizuki, George Washington University, East Asia, Japan, and Korea

Peter Moody, University of Notre Dame, China and Japan

Brantly Womack, University of Virginia, China and Vietnam

Charles Ziegler, University of Louisville, Central Asia and Russia Far East