Sneha Thapa, PhD

Senior Lecturer


Currently, I work for Family Scholar House in Louisville, KY. I have always had a special interest in non-profits, which has led me to have a career in non-profit industry servicing local community in Louisville, KY.

My doctoral research focused on the socio-politically innovative ways Tibetan Diaspora are living in Dharamsala, India and the U.S. Inspired by the social theory, flexible citizenship by Aihwa Ong, I call it flexible liminality. At the heart of it all, I found out that Tibetan diaspora were relying on non-profit organizations to connect the Tibetan diaspora to global resources. In Dharamsala, I volunteered at several Tibetan non-profits to get my research information. In the U.S., I worked closely with non-profits that help refugees resettle as well as community centers that organize social events for the Tibetans living in the U.S.