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SPHIS engages in the Southern Obesity Summit

SPHIS has served as an active member of the 8th Annual Southern Obesity Summit (SOS) host committee. About 250 attendees from16 southern states are expected to attend the Summit, Oct. 5 – 7 at the Downtown Louisville Marriott.

Our SPHIS social marketing intern, Robin Weiss, will Live tweet from the conference using the SOS Twitter account, and provide a lunch presentation about using social marketing as a tool for health promotion and network development. Student volunteers will digitally record several sessions to make the content more widely available.

To support physical activity of participants, we also have arranged for Get Healthy Now to offer an exercise session (bootcamp) on Tuesday; developed a handout/guide to show various walking paths and sightseeing around Louisville; and arranged to get five bikes on loan from the Louisville Metro to be used by conference attendees.

The school also has provided 200 i-clickers to the program organizers to use during the SOS opening session, and offered to purchase 500 reusable bags for conference attendees. Dean Blakely will introduce the keynote speaker.

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