SPHIS Alumna & GTA, Rishtya Kakar, Named 2016-17 “Top 6” Faculty Favorite

The Delphi Center announced the "Top 6" Faculty Favorites for 2016-2017, and we want to congratulate Rishtya Kakar, MD, MPH, on making the list!

Dr. Kakar received her MPH with a concentration in Health Promotion and Behavior in May 2016. Currently, she is a Graduate Teaching Assistant and pursuing a PhD in Public Health Sciences with a specialization in Health Promotion.

This semester, she co-teaches an honors section course with Assistant Professor David Johnson as well as teaches two courses for the SPHIS undergraduate program: Introduction to Public Health and Global Health (a class she developed).

Dr. Kakar also presented at a workshop for UofL’s Delphi Center on Oct. 23. She discussed practical tips for active learning and collaborative activities based on lessons learned from her public health undergraduate teachings.

Watch this video to hear Dr. Kakar describe her passion for teaching public health.

In addition to Dr. Kakar’s nomination, 16 other SPHIS faculty and instructors received nominations:

- Betty Adkins
- Susan Olsen Allen
- Liza Creel
- Sherry Duffy
- Jeremy Gaskins
- Christopher Johnson
- David Johnson
- Detra Johnson
- Alexander Kerns
- Katie Leslie
- Douglas Lorenz
- Ritendranath Mitra
- Rachel Neal
- Rachel Quick
- Shesh Rai
- Pete Walton
- Monica Wendel
- Dongfeng Wu

To view student comments, click here.

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