Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT) Highlights

1st Place

A team of faculty, graduate students, and staff from the UofL Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT) traveled to Seattle, Washington, October 17-18 for the 2019 Fall Advisory Board meeting. Center sites convened to share research impacts and insights and discuss new research themes for the next project year.

J’Aime Jennings, PhD, assistant professor, Department of Health Management and Systems Sciences, CHOT Co-Site Director and Co-Principal Investigator, presented lessons learned from the CHOT project with University of Louisville Hospital Outpatient Burn Center. The research team assisted with piloting a telehealth program for the provision of burn wound care, as well as assessing provider and patient satisfaction with the new program. 

Judah Thornewill, PhD, UofL Assistant Professor and Executive in Residence, shared takeaways from his research with Sanofi and Passport Health. The goal of this project is improving health data sharing across communities using consumer-directed methods. The study found significant regulatory, technical, and financial barriers to implementing this approach at a community level at present. In year 2, the research has shifted to designing a globally scalable personally-owned data marketplace model led by Fortune 500 health organizations, banks, technology firms, and others with ability to invest hundreds of millions into a new market driven platform. In this model, consumers actually get paid for "selling" access to their data through marketplaces. To learn more or participate in the study, contact .

Additionally, five graduate students presented their research at the annual meeting.

  • “Exploring the Linkage between Social Connection & the Social Determinants of Health” -- Zoe Resmondo and Kelsey White, MDiv, MSc, BCC (Received 1st place -- Pictured above)
  • “Diabetes Medication Adherence Among Medicaid Enrollee By Observing Copayment And No Copayment” -- Naiya Patel, MPH, BDS
  • “Professional Chaplaincy Certification: Exploring Efficacy & Strategizing Future Directions” -- Kelsey White, MDiv, MSc, BCC
  • “Developing Culturally-responsive Innovation in Obesity Prevention Utilizing Technology and the Arts” -- Renae Johnson
  • “Cultural wellbeing, inclusion and innovation in the ‘Careforce’ (Specific focus: Non-clinical home care workers)” -- Sonali Salunkhe, MD
  • “HopeBox: Cultural innovation for population health improvement” -- Sonali Salunkhe, MD

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