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Linda Omer, PhD

Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
485 E Gray St., Room 208

Dr. Linda Omer is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences. She holds a Ph.D in biochemistry and molecular genetics from the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Although her PhD dissertation focused on stem cell, gene editing, and liver research, she worked with whatever hours she had left in community initiatives aimed at addressing inequity. Dr. Omer’s background in biomedical research led to further reading on the impacts of racism in creating the dramatic health disparities that she observed in local Louisville communities. She noticed a separation in her field and discussions on racism’s impact on disease development. Upon graduating, she joined Dr. Wendel to engage in community-based participatory research concentrating on the impact of health policies and practices on marginalized communities, the role of sociopolitical development in affecting social justice, and finally providing community-voiced solutions to improve and advance equity. 


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