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Avonne Connor, PhD

Epidemiology and Population Health

Postdoctoral Associate
Room No. 026, 485 E. Gray St.
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: 502-852-6441
Fax: 502-852-3294


Dr. Avonne Connor is a Louisville native. She graduated from the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology/Pre-Med. She was in the first graduating class of the Masters in Public Health Program through the School of Public Health & Information Sciences (University of Louisville), and recently completed her doctorate degree in Epidemiology (University of Louisville).

Research Interests

Special populations (minorities, underserved)
Genetics/Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) and breast cancer risk
Associations between anthropometrics with breast cancer risk, prognosis, and survival and differences by ethnicity
Effects of physical activity and quality of life with breast cancer survivors
Adherence to recommended screening practices for breast cancer
Biological pathways and the obesity/breast cancer relationship
Effects of modifiable risk factors and breast cancer risk

Current Projects

Manuscripts (Title) Submitted for Publication:
ADRB2 G-G haplotype associated with breast cancer risk among Hispanic and non-Hispanic white women: interaction with Type 2 diabetes and obesity

Manuscripts (Title) in Preparation:
Associations between TCF7L2 polymorphisms and risk of breast cancer among Hispanic and non-Hispanic white women: The Breast Cancer Health Disparities Study

Differences between Hispanic and non-Hispanic White Women with Breast Cancer for Clinical Characteristics and their Correlates.

Obesity and risk of breast cancer mortality in Hispanic and non-Hispanic white women in a long-term assessment: The New Mexico Women’s Health Study.

Publications: Journal Articles

Miles, T., Hanson, S., Kidd, L., Connor, A., Jortani, S. Sensitivity Analysis of Self-Identified Race and Ethnicity (SIRE): Screening for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. Public access. (Nature Precedings : hdl:10101/npre.2008.1524.1 : Posted 17 Jan 2008)

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