Choosing a Degree: BS or BA?

Which program should you pick? BS or BA? The good news is you have time during your first two years to explore your options for your future before making a choice. Both degree options require students to complete 120 credit hours and meet specific course requirements based on their selected program.  

Students must maintain an overall Grade Point Average of 2.0 and a major (PHUN courses 300+) Grade Point Average of a 2.8.  Because of its flexibility, students wishing to pursue a clinical health professions career (ie: PA, PT, Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine, and Dentistry) may want to consider the BA option.  Students who are interested in research or pursing a science based graduate program may wish to pursue the BS option.  Our program advisers are ready to help you review and select your best option.


Pre-Major Coursework (includeUofL General Education Requirements*)

63 hours

PH Major Coursework (taken 2nd through 4th year and requires successful completion of PHUN 110 and 101)

42 hours
PH Major supporting courses (deciding factor between the BS and BA)

15 hours

Total Credit Hours



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