Microtechnology Fabrication

Micro/Nanotechnology Center

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  • MEMS fabrication by photolithographic processing.
  • Deep etching, back-to-front side aligned patterns.
  • Glass-silicon wafer bonding.
  • Photomask generation


Huson Nanotechnology Core Facility

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    The Huson Nanotechnology Core facility (HNCF) houses a complete suite of Scanning Electron Microscopes and Atomic Force Microscopes for both imaging and creating novel nano-scale structures. The Facility (1200 sq. ft.) contains extensive nano- imaging, manipulation and probing equipment, together with specialized nanofabrication equipment.

  • Zeiss Supra 35, Zeiss EVO Extreme Variable Pressure (3000 Pa)
  • Capabilities for handling biological samples
  • Veeco M5 and Veeco CP Atomic Force Microscopes
  • Veeco Nanoman II with most options including conductive AFM, nanoindentation
  • Asylum MF3D AFM w/ 3D haptic controller and liquid cell