Sherri L. Wallace, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Political Science


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Dr.  Sherri L. Wallace is a native of Marche, Arkansas. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Louisville. She earned her Bachelors of Arts in Political Science at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and Masters of Arts and Doctorate degrees in Government at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

Teaching Areas

African American Politics, American Politics, Public Policy, State Politics, and Urban Politics.

    Research Areas and Projects

    College textbook diversity, Community economic development, Race and Politics, Women and Faculty of Color in Academe

    Selected Publications

    • Alex-Assensoh, Y., T. Givens, K. Golden, V. L. Hutchings, S. L. Wallace, & K. J. Whitby. (2005). Mentoring and African American Political Scientists. PS: Political Science and Politics 38(2), 284-285.
    • Wallace, S. L, & M. D. Allen (2008). Survey of African American Portrayal in Introductory Textbooks in American Government/Politics:  A Report of the APSA Standing Committee on the Status of Blacks in the Profession PS: Political Science and Politics,41(1): 153-160.
    • Wallace, S. L., & D. M. Clayton (2009). An Examination of Introductory Political Science Textbooks: How Inclusive is African American Politics? The National Political Science Review, 12, 247-264.
    • Allen, M.D., & S. L. Wallace (2010). Teaching Introduction to American Government/Politics:  What We Learn from the Visual Images in Textbooks. Journal of Political Science Education, 6, 1, 1-18.
    • Wallace, S. L., J. L. D’Antoni, L. H. Lewis, S. M. Miller, S. E. Moore, G. D. Schack, M. S. Shelley Thomas, & L. L. Wilson (2010).  Inclusive Teaching Circles: Mechanisms for Creating Welcoming Classrooms” Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Indiana University Press, 10, 1, 14-27.
    • Wallace, S. L., Hinton-Hudson, V. D., Moore, S. E., Hart, B. G., & Wilson, L. L. (2010). African American women in Predominantly White institutions: Transitions, Trials, and Survival Strategies. In S. E. Moore, R. Alexander, Jr. & A. J. Lemelle, Jr. (Eds.). Dilemmas of Black faculty at predominantly White institutions in the united states: Issues in the post-multicultural era (pp. 71-94). Lewiston, MA: Edwin Mellen Press.
    • Fraga, L. R., T. E. Givens, & D. M. Pinderhughes (2011). “Political Science in the 21st Century,” Report of the Task Force on Political Science in the 21st Century (Task Force Members: L. R. Fraga, T. E. Givens, D. M. Pinderhughes (Co-Chairs), M. Avalos, D. Covin, F. Hagopian, L. Garcia-Bedolla, J. C. Heurta, V. L. Hutchings, M. A. Jones-Correa, F. L. Korsmo, T. Lee, M. Q. Sawyer, & S. L. Wallace) American Political Science Association, 76 pages. Download at: []
    • Wallace, S. L., Moore, S. E., Wilson, L. L., & Hart, B. G. (2012). African American Women in the Academy: Quelling the Myth of Presumed Incompetence. In G. Gutiérrez y Muhs, Y. F. Niemann, C. G. González, & A. P. Harris, (Eds.), Presumed Incompetent: The Intersections of Race and Class for Women in Academia (pp. 421-438). Logan, UT: Utah State University Press.
    • K. Lewis (Lead Author), S. L. Wallace, & C. Peterson (2014).  Being Black Academic Mothers. In D. Davis-Maye, A. Dale Yarber, & T. E. Perry (Eds.), What the Village Gave Me: Conceptualizations of Womanhood (pp. 37-51). Lanham, MD: University Press of America, Inc./ Rowman & Littlefield.
    • Understanding Student Evaluations: A Black Faculty Perspective.  Co-authors A. R. Perry (Lead Author), S. L. Wallace, S. E. Moore, & G. D. Perry-Burney. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping – in pre


    Dr. Wallace’s professional service includes serving as a member/co-chair of the APSA Standing Committee on the Status of Blacks in the Profession. She served as Program Chair (2008) and as a member (2015) of the APSA Teaching and Learning Conference program committee.  She served as an elected member on the APSA Council (2009-2011) and appointed member on the Task Force on Political Science in the 21st Century and Ralph Bunche Summer Institute Advisory Committee.

    In addition, she has served on the program committee and section chair for Western Political Science Association, as section chair for Midwest Political Science Association, as the former Executive Director of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists (NCOBPS), and as the treasurer for the APSA Women's Caucus for Political Science (WCPS).

    Currently, she serves on the APSA Program Committee (2015), APSA Political Science Education Section Executive Board (2013-2016), APSA Committee on Teaching and Learning Committee (2013-2016) and the APSA Teaching and Learning Conference Planning Committee (2013-2016) and as section chair for the Teaching Political Science for the 2016 Southern Political Science Association Annual Meeting.

    She stays active in the community as a professional consultant on various projects, and as a member and volunteer on local boards, committees, and organizations

    Honors and Awards

    • Grawemeyer Award for Outstanding Instructional Design (2013) for “Using Community Based Learning Methods to Teach Diversity Politics and Policy.” A regional award for “Excellence in Teaching” from Kentuckiana Metroversity colleges and universities
    • Anna Julia Cooper Teacher of the Year (2014).  A national award for “Excellence in Teaching” from the National Conference of Black Political Scientists
    • University of Louisville Supporting Undergraduate iNnovation (SUN): Ideas to Action (i2a) Implementation Grant (2014) for project: “Advancing Critical Thinking through Performance-Based and Service-Learning Assignments” Dr. Sherri L. Wallace (Principal Investigator)
    • Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning, Faculty Learning Community/Community Engaged Scholarship (FLC-CES) Selected Participant (2013-2014)
    • UofL Sustainability Council Green Threads Workshop Selected Participant (2014)