Anne I. Caldwell, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Political Science; Internship Director, Political Science


Selected Publications

  • Anne Caldwell “Governmentality and Bio-Sovereignty.” In Michel Foucaults "Geschichte der
    Gouvernementalität in den Sozialwissenschaften. Internationale Beiträge zu Rezeptionen und
    Anschlüssen, ed. Susanne Krasmann. Germany: Bielefeldt, Summer 2007.
  • Anne Caldwell and Samuel Chambers “24 after 9/11: the American state of exception.” In Reading 24: T.V. Against the Clock, ed. Steven Peacock. UK: I.B. Taurus, November 2006. New York: Palgrave, February 2007.
  • Anne Caldwell “Empire and Sovereignty: Legitimizing Exception as Norm.” New Political Science,
    December 2006.

Teaching Areas

Contemporary and Continental Political Theory
Feminist Theory
Political Ethics and Violence
Human Rights
Queer Theory
Gay and Lesbian Politics