Margath Walker, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Geography and Geosciences


Research Interests
Latin America
Qualitative Methods,
Social Theory
Herbert Marcuse

GEOG 600 History and Philosophy of Geography
GEOG 660 Qualitative Methods
GEOG 510 Global South Urbanism
GEOG 390 Geopolitics

External funding/Current Projects
I am currently working on two projects. The first is a book manuscript on the social philosopher Herbert Marcuse.  In it, I develop the spatial sensibility of his distinctive approach through an engagement with an array of contemporary issues including securitization, the logics of technology, geopolitics and human liberation.

The second collaborative project is a three-pronged investigation into the geographies of knowledge production.  The primary focus is to map the spaces of critical geography, or ‘sites of theory’ and conduct qualitative and quantitative research into the myriad reasons that particular places emerge as dominant. The approach, both conceptual and methodological, aims to further understand the “global intellectual divide”- asymmetries of scholarly knowledge production and representation.

Grad students mentored (with thesis titles)
Steven Sizemore, School of Urban and Public Affairs, PhD Advisor, “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing at the Local Level: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Practices in Louisville, KY”

Michael Poindexter, “Oil, Space and National Imaginaries: Discursive Productions by Standard Oil New Jersey Post WWII”

Victoria Montgomery, “A Qualitative Analysis of Communality in Louisville Community Gardens”

Paula Gomez,“Transboundary Groundwater and Unsustainable Practices of Water Governance in the Guarani Aquifer”. 

Ashley Dale, “Greening Louisville’s East Market District: A Comparative Assessment of Sustainability”