Jafar Hadizadeh, Ph.D.

Professor of Geography and Geosciences


Research Interests
Geologic Hazards (Neotectonics, Karst, Landslide hazards)

GEOG 691 (Independent Studies in Applied Geography).
GEOG 641 (Research Design and Proposal Development in Applied Geography)
GEOS 565 (Natural Hazards)
GEOG 441 (Culminating Undergraduate Experience)
GEOG 361 (Sustainable Environment)
GEOS 301 (Geology for Scientists and Engineers)

Collaborative work with the University of Liverpool, UK:
Boyle A., Hadizadeh J. Evidence from pyrite microstructure for earlier higher temperature deformation history in SAFOD. In preparation since 2014.

Collaborative work with the University of Grenoble, France; UC Santa Cruz, USA: Hadizadeh J., Candela T., Renard F., Williams R. Roughness of Grain-Scale Frictional Sliding Surfaces in the Actively Creeping Gouge of the San Andreas Fault.  In preparation since 2014

Collaborative work with U Oklahoma, Norman; University College , London UK; University of Rome Italy: Hadizadeh1 J., Carpenter B., Mitchell T., Creel R., Di Toro G. Microstructural response of naturally velocity-strengthening gouge material to high sliding velocities. In preparation since 2013.