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Flight Plan: Your Journey to Graduation

Watch the videos below to learn more information about Flight Plan. You will hear from a UofL graduate and current UofL students about what's helped them be successful at the University of Louisville and navigate their Flight Plan without unnecessary delays.The approximate run time for all nine videos is 16 minutes.

STOMP/Flight Plan - 1 Intro

Flight Plan Video 1: Introduction

STOMP/Flight Plan - 2 You and Your Co-Pilot

Flight Plan Video 2: You and Your Co-Pilot

STOMP/Flight Plan - 3 Mapping Your Course

Flight Plan Video 3: Mapping Your Course

STOMP/Fllight Plan - 4 Your First Year

Flight Plan Video 4: Your First Year

STOMP/Flight Plan - 5 Your Sophomore Year

Flight Plan Video 5: Your Sophomore Year

STOMP/Flight Plan - 6 Your Junior Year

Flight Plan Video 6: Your Junior Year

STOMP/Flight Plan - 7 Your Senior Year

Flight Plan Video 7: Your Senior Year

STOMP/Flight Plan - 8 Surviving Turbulance

Flight Plan Video 8: Surviving Turbulance

STOMP/Flight Plan - 9 Wrap Up

Flight Plan Video 9: Wrap Up

4-Year Flight Plans

5- and 6-Year
Flight Plans

Please work with your academic advisor to build a 5- or 6-year Flight Plan



  • View Flight Plan milestones that all students will need to meet based on their Flight Plan choice and their catalog year

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