Grapperhaus Research Group

Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry of Transition Metal-Thiolates


Group Photo 2014

Research in the Grapperhaus Group focuses on the inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry of  transition metal-thiolates. Transition metal-thiolates display variable reactivities that are dependent on the identity of the metal, the thiolate substituent group, and the covalency of the metal-sulfur bond. Our research seeks to identify and exploit these factors for the design of systems with synthetic or industrial utility. Specifically, we are interested systems that support reactive metal-coordinated thiyl radicals or that serve as artificial mimics of the enzyme nitrile hydratase. The research experience in the Grapperhaus group encompasses many complimentary approaches and techniques. Our investigations combine synthesis, reactivity, computation, spectroscopy, crystallography and electrochemistry. Undergraduate and graduate students develop a broad based approach to research.

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