Cardinal Men's Basketball Season Ticket Information - 2006-07

Papa John's Cardinal Stadium
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Freedom Hall, home of the Louisville Cardinals, provides an exciting atmosphere for college basketball. The 18,865 seats in Freedom Hall rank from Priority I to Priority IV, which relate directly to the price levels and the location of the seats. In addition, the arena has sections identified for U of L students, faculty and staff and L-Club members.  Please see the enclosed map and chart for further details.

How Do I Get Season Tickets?

There is currently a waiting list for men’s basketball season tickets. Any new season ticket requests must be received prior to August 1st. The first step one should take is to print off the men’s basketball ticket waiting list application by clicking here.

Cardinal Athletic Fund priority point system. It is highly encouraged that you join the Cardinal Athletic Fund at a minimum $100 level to begin accumulating priority points. JOIN NOW! Upon receiving your request to be placed on the waiting list, we will place your request in priority point order.

After August 1st, we will go through all of the requests we have received prior to the deadline and fill whatever seats became available through attrition, starting with the highest priority point total on down until all seats are filled.  For more information on the CAF Priority Point system visit the priority points link on the CAF website or contact us at (502) 852-5735.

Cardinal Athletic Fund

The Cardinal Athletic Fund exists to support the scholarship needs of U of L student-athletes. We encourage you to donate to the Cardinal Athletic Fund to begin receiving your membership benefits as well as accumulating priority points. Annual contributions to the CAF provide student-athletes with championship opportunities in and out of the classroom.

Priority Level
2007-08 CAF Annual Donation
Priority I
4 seats: $1600 per seat + ticket cost + minimum gift
of $150,000 payable over 5 years

2 seats: $1600 per seat + ticket cost + minimum gift
of $100,000 payable over 5 years

Priority II
$900 per seat + ticket cost + minimum gift
$25,000 payable over 5 years
Priority III
$500 per seat + ticket cost
Priority IV
$150 per seat + ticket cost

The annual per seat donation is a minimum donation.  The student-athletes at U of L as well as the Cardinal Athletic Fund greatly appreciate any additional scholarship support. We encourage you to look at your annual donation as it relates to Hospitality Room and Parking benefits. Please note we are in the midst of a four year plan to change annual Cardinal Athletic Fund seat donations and that paying the annual per seat donation does not guarantee new seats within that priority level.

Four-Year Annual Donation Plan

Priority I
$1400 per seat
$1500 per seat
$1600 per seat
$1600 per seat
Priority II
$700 per seat
$750 per seat
$900 per seat
$900 per seat
Priority III
$400 per seat
$450 per seat
$500 per seat
$500 per seat
Priority IV
$100 per seat
$125 per seat
$150 per seat
$150 per seat

Please call the UofL Ticket Office at 502.852.5151 for information on the following sections:

  • Faculty & Staff*
  • Student
  • L-Club*

For more information about contributing to the Cardinal Athletic Fund, please call 502.852.5735.

If you would like to join the L-Club or update your membership,
please call Valerie Combs at 502.852.2473.

*In order to obtain seats in the faculty/staff & L-Club sections, you must first be a full-time faculty or staff member at the University of Louisville, retired from the university with full benefits or be a former UofL letterwinner with proper L-Club membership.