Bachelor Degree in Asian Studies

Asian Studies (BA)

This program was approved for students entering the University in the Summer 2016-Spring 2017 catalog year.  For more information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies (ASTBA)

Major: AST

Degree: BA

Unit: College of Arts and Sciences (AS)


Completion of this degree requires work to be submitted for the department’s Learning Outcomes Measurement.  For details, contact the department.


General Education

General Education Requirements34

All degrees require the completion of the University-wide General Education Program; see the General Education Requirements and the courses that fulfill them.  Some General Education requirements may be met in the requirements for the major or supporting coursework, in which case additional electives may be required to complete the minimum hours for the degree.

Arts & Sciences Programmatic Requirements

General 101: A & S Orientation1
Foreign Language (completion of the intermediate level of Chinese or Japanese; or other Asian language, upon approval of the Director of the Program.)12
Electives in Humanities or Natural Sciences (in addition to courses counted toward General Education; 6 hours must be at 300 level or above)9
WR – two approved courses at the 300 level or above (may be incorporated into other degree requirements)



Program of Asian Studies Requirements

AST 3103
Social Sciences Courses in Asian Studies:  choose 3  (see below)9
Humanities Courses in Asian Studies:  choose 3  (see below)9
AST 4953
Language Courses (either Chinese 301 and 302, or Japanese 301 and 302, or other Asian language, upon approval of the Director of the Program)6

Supporting Courses

Electives in Social Sciences other than Asian Studies at the 300-level or above15
Minimum Electives20
Minimum Total121

Note: Only 40 hours of courses designated Asian Studies may be applied toward the Bachelor of Arts degree.

At least 50 of the total minimum hours required must be at the 300 level or above.


Social Science Courses for Asian Studies major:

  • AST 317/ANTH 317:  Anthropology of China—CD2
  • AST 347/ANTH 347:  Global Capitalism
  • AST 308/GEOG 308:  Geography of China
  • AST 316/GEOG 316:  Geography of South Asia
  • HIST 390:  History of Islamic Central Asia—WRCD2
  • HIST 396:  History of India
  • AST 397/HIST 397:  Traditional China
  • AST 398/HIST 398:  Modern China
  • AST 399/HIST 399: Modern Japan Imperialism and Democracy
  • HIST 561:  U.S. and Vietnam—WR
  • HIST 584:  Women in East Asian History
  • HIST 591:  Civilizations of Ancient and Medieval India—WR
  • HIST 592:  Civilizations of Modern India—WR
  • HIST 598:  Nationalism and Modernity in East Asia
  • POLS 345:  Russia and Eurasia—WR
  • POLS 362:  Comparative Political Economy
  • AST 365/POLS 365:  The People’s Republic of China—WR
  • AST 366/POLS 366:  East Asian Politics
  • AST 367:  POLS 367:  Politics of Southeast Asia


Humanities Courses for Asian Studies major:

  • AST 290/ARTH 290:  Survey of Asian Art—CD1
  • AST 330/ARTH 335:  20th Century Chinese Artists and Architects—CD1
  • AST 331/ARTH 331:  Chinese Art   (effective summer 13)
  • ARTH 339:  Architecture and Gardens in China and Japan
  • AST 270/CHST 270/ML 270:  Chinese Contributions to the World—CD1
  • AST 323/CHST 323:  Doing Business in China
  • CHST 313:  Special Topics in Chinese Studies
  • CHST 331:  Chinese Culture and Tradition
  • AST 333/CHST 333:  Contemporary China
  • AST 335/CHST 335:  China Through Film—CD1
  • AST 341/CHST 341:  Ethnicity and Religion in China
  • AST 351/CHST 351:  Chinese Literature in Translation—CD1
  • AST 352/CHST 352:  Chinese Literature in Translation—CD1
  • CHST 353:  Chinese Literary Theory
  • CHST 361:  Western Literature in China
  • HUM 218: Introduction to Eastern Religious Traditions ---CD2
  • HUM 307:  East Asian Cultures—CD1
  • AST 340/HUM 341:  South Asian Religious Thought and Culture—CD1
  • HUM 342:  Eastern Mysticism
  • AST 343/HUM 343:  East Asian Religious Thought and Culture
  • HUM 369:  Asian Theatre
  • AST 531/ARTH 531:  Studies in Asian Art (effective summer 13)
  • ML 310/ JPST 310 Introduction to Japanese Culture Through Film