2013 Study Abroad Photo Contest

A&S students, faculty, and staff have chosen the winning photos in the 6th annual Study Abroad Photo Contest hosted by A&S Advising and sponsored by Murphy’s Camera.

"The study abroad photo contest has really grown over the past few years," said A&S Academic Counselor Danielle Dolan, coordinator of the contest. "It is really inspiring that so many students are participating in study abroad programs all over the world. Ideally, when other students see these photos, they will be inspired to start looking into all the wonderful opportunities to travel abroad available through the International Center, The Office for Civic Engagement, Leadership & Service, and various academic departments on campus. I can't tell you how many students benefit from these experiences not only academically, but personally as well!"

See past winning photos

View all A&S Study Abroad Photo Contest Entries on Flickr: Study Abroad Contest

1 “Threshold at Machu Picchu”
(Machupicchu, Peru)
2 “Swayambhunath Stupa"
(Bhaktapur, Nepal)
3 “Waterlilies Welcoming Visitors to the Embera Quera Indigenous Community”
(Panama City, Panama)
4 “Old Shanghai”
(Shanghai, China)
5 “Hamburger Bahnhof Museum Light Sculptures”
(Berlin, Germany)
5 “Hamburger Bahnhof Museum Light Sculptures” (Berlin, Germany)
6 “Philippine Mango”
(Cebu, Philippines)
7 “Untitled”
(Pau, France)
8 “Gap of Dunloe”
(Kerry, Ireland)
9 “Northern Irish Coast”
(Belfast, Ireland)
10 “Portobelo”
(Portobelo, Panama)
11 “The Single Lighting Lamp in a Jewish manufacturing building”
(Berlin, Germany)
12 “Balcony Window”
(Girona, Spain)
13 “Quechua Locals – Amantani, Lake Tititcaca”
(Cusco, Peru)
14 “Kids Will Be Kids
(in Every Culture)”
15 “Old man bird”
(Shanghai, China)
16 “Doner Kebab”
(Berlin, Germany)
17 “Buddhist Temple and Cranes”
18 “Pont de l’Archevêché”
(Paris France)
19 “December in Amsterdam”
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
20 “Dunkuce Castle”
(Antrim, Northern Ireland)
21 “Cerro Ancón overlooking Casco Viejo”
(Panama City, Panama)
22 “Church”
(Berlin, Germany)
23 “Catch of the Day”
(Panama City, Panama)
24 “Boy Apple”
(Suzhou, China)
25 “Specimens”
(Berlin, Germany)
26 “Fort San Pedro”
(Cebu, Philippines)
27 “Untitled”
(Marrakech, Morocco)
28 “Giant’s Causeway”
(Antrim, Northern Ireland)
29 “Cerro Ancón from the Causeway”
(Panama City, Panama)
30 “Notes for Family”
(Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp: Oranienburg, Germany)
31 “Tadoussac”
(Tadoussac, Quebec)
32 “Hofbrähaus Kurt”
(Munich, Bavaria – Germany)
33 “Roaming Spider”
(Lake St. Jean, Quebec)
34 “Auf der River Spree”
(Berlin, Germany)
35 “Montange”
(Chicoutimi, Quebec)
36 “Hoppin der Mauer”
(Berlin, Germany)
37 “Panorama de Mont Sainte-Victoire”
(Aix-en-Provence, France)
38 “Boats Docked at the Cinque Terre”
(Cinque Terre, Italy)
39 “Untitled”
(Fez, Morocco)
40 “The Canals”
(Venice, Italy)
41 “The Most Solemn of Days”
(Normandy, France)
42 “Riomaggiore”
(Cinque Terre, Italy)
43 “Untitled”
(Sevilla, Spain)
44 “Gondolas”
(Venice, Italy)
45 “The Amo River and the Ponte Vecchio at Sunset”
(Firenze, Italy)
46 “Untitled”
(Venice, Italy)
47 “Cinque Terra”
(Cinque Terra, Italy)

Voting open March 25-April 5

  • UofL Undergraduate and Graduate Students: Vote for your favorite by logging into ULink
  • Click on the “student services” tab and find the “Ballots” section on the right hand side of the page under the “Registration” menu.
  • A&S Staff: Ballots available at the A&S Advising Center in Gardiner Hall


  • 1st place winner: A $100 Gift Certificate to Murphy’s Camera and a $50 gift certificate towards a photo book of your travels!
  • 2nd place winner: A $75 Gift Certificate to Murphy’s Camera
  • 3rd place winner: A $50 Gift Certificate to Murphy’s Camera
  • Each winning photo will be enlarged and put on display in Gardiner Hall following the end of the contest.

For additional information, please email Danielle Dolan or (502) 852-5502