Scott Massey, M.F.A.

Associate Professor


Professor Massey is an experientialist • Beyond the purely visual experience lies an opportunity for tactile, olfactory, auditory and time based interactions. Within his work, the objects he fabricates function as catalysts for experience. An audience comes to his work, or any work, with preconceptions, expectations and a set knowledge base. In recognition of the myriad of variables that affect the parameters of any given experience, he chooses an open dialog as the format for communication with his audience. In opposition to the discrete object or performance as spectacle he chooses the site - independent, interactive installation. Interactivity dispels the passive role of observer and transforms the audience into the participant. What better way to insure the function of any work than to make it accessible? • An original stimulus for a piece may evolve, mutate or be replaced by other stimuli as a work progresses towards a function of dialog. This is an editing process during which the essence of this dialog is distilled. Distillation does not imply purity, rather it should denote the intensity of each element within the piece.

Teaching Areas

ART 106: Foundation 3D Design
ART 321: Introduction to Sculpture
ART 521: Practice of Sculpture
ART 522: Sculpture Strategies
ART 523: Directed Study in Sculpture
ART 621: Workshop in Sculpture
ART 622: Professional Practice in Sculpture