Mitch Eckert, M.F.A.

Associate Professor


"Creativity occurs in the act of encounter and is to be understood with this encounter as its center" -- Rollo May • Professor Eckert chooses to photograph in color for its symbolism and the mood or tone associated with hues. He works with a medium format camera and on occasion utilizes digital media to create images. These photographs are of objects that he finds on his encounters and journeys in daily life. He feels that the objects in the photographs are metaphors for a specific moment in his existence. In essence, Professor Eckert is collecting consciousness. By incorporating text within the image he is allowing the viewer the opportunity to hear his voice resonate the memory that he has of the symbols he has arranged. In photographing these arrangements, he creates a record, a visual memory of a time and place in life.

Teaching Areas

ART 105: Foundation 2D Design
ART 106: Foundation 3D Design
ART 351: Introduction to Black and White Photography
ART 551: Photography Techniques & Processes
ART 552: Color Imaging
ART 553: Advanced Photography
ART 554: Alternative and Historic Processes
ART 555: Directed Study in Photography
ART 590: Toy Camera