Christopher Fulton, Ph.D

Associate Professor




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Teaching Areas

Christopher Fulton earned his doctoral degree with a concentration on Italian Renaissance art and published a book and several articles in that field. More recently he has turned his eye on Mexico and has written several articles on the art of that country, with special focus on the mid-twentieth century. He co-curated an exhibition of the art of Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros and is continuing research into that problematic figure. Other projects now in the works include a collaborative study of Rodin's Thinker and a monograph on the great bronze doors of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, crafted in the early fifteenth century by the artist-theoretician Filarete.
Professor Fulton teaches courses in the history of Mexican and Italian art, in art theory, and Introduction to Art as part of the General Curriculum. He welcomes any student to drop by his office for a chat on art and other topics.


Christopher Fulton has eclectic taste in art, music, food, travel, entertainment and sports. He enjoys hiking and fishing, and dabbles in skiing, skating, baseball, tennis and the racquet sport of squash. His favorite thing is meeting people from different places and walks of life.