Barbara Hanger, M.F.A.

Associate Professor


Throughout my artistic career, landscape and a sense of place, either from observation or filtered through memory, have been key elements in my work.  Another key element has been my devotion to drawing as my central medium even though I have also worked in printmaking, papermaking and sculpture. I have drawn inspiration for my work from three places: Italy; Cumberland Island, Georgia; and my native Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.  The abstracted images of these landscapes have evolved, moved back and forth between their sources, and together form a visual biography of my life. Countless visits, photographs and drawings later, I still find all of them rich in source material and endlessly stimulating.

My current work is inspired by the undisturbed landscape of Cumberland Island, Georgia with its oak, pine, and palm maritime forests and vast marshland. The origin of each drawing is an actual location. The finished works, however, are a combination of reality, memory and fiction. The places are chosen for their visual interest but also for the memories associated with visiting them over time. Like memories, each drawing has been edited and refined until it becomes tangible.


Teaching Areas

ART 105: Foundation 2D Design
ART 106: Foundation 3D Design
ART 107: Foundation Drawing
ART 207: Foundation Figure Drawing
ART 341: Introduction to Printmaking
ART 385: Introduction to Book Arts
ART 508: Art Education Methods and Research I
ART 518: Art Education Methods and Research II
ART 585: Book Arts Concepts