Hannah Gabbard

MA student


I work with Dr. Lisa Markowitz.

As a second semester graduate student in the anthropology program.  I am still trying to hone in on the area of interest I would like to focus on for my internship. I became interested in urban food, food deserts, and our general understanding of food as Americans during an internship I completed in high school. This internship, at the nonprofit organization FoodChain, dealt with the growing of fresh produce in a "wasted space", or abandoned building, in the city of Lexington. Currently, I am still invested in this area but am also interested in environmental, international, and historical aspects of anthropology. As a part of my studies in the program I am developing an internship that will hopefully involve some, if not all, of my anthropological interests.

Dr. Markowitz is my advisor and last semester I took her class Community Food Security because it is closely linked with my interests. I will also be working closely with Dr. Markowitz concerning my internship. Thus far, this being only my second semester, I have not had the prospect to work with many other professors but i am looking forward to the opportunity.

Fun Facts:

I horseback ride.

I am a coffee addict.

In college I went on a ten-day backpacking trip through Alaska and the Yukon territory of Canada with two people I had never met.