Join our 2023-24 Leadership Team!

Young and Emerging Professionals (YEP) is growing and looking for diverse leaders to take the employee resource group to the next level!

The University of Louisville’s Young and Emerging Professionals (YEP) group strives to support the personal and professional development of “young” professionals or “emerging” professionals who are new to UofL or new to a particular career path, etc. Note: These definitions are not meant to be exclusive. If you identify with either of these terms, you are welcome to join us!

We currently have several vacancies for the 2023-24 Leadership Team. Term commitments run from May 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024, with the option to extend to an additional year. Volunteer commitment averages approx. 10-12 hours per month.

If you are interested in joining our Executive Committee, please complete this form by Friday, April 7, 2023. 

    • Fundraising Coordinator: Responsible for organizing the annual Raise Some L fundraising event for YEP, working in partnership with the UofL Office of Advancement. Manage the gift account for the organization and report on the status of the gift account at YEP Executive Committee meetings or as requested, at general body meetings. Coordinate events in partnership with the Programming and Events Coordinators related to fundraising goals and cultivating relationships with potential and existing donors.
    • Administrative Coordinator: Serve as the official recorder of all business proceedings of YEP, including the Executive Committee, general body and special committee meetings; collect and maintain the minutes of all other committee meetings. Record and distribute (electronically) approved meeting minutes to the Executive Committee. Prepare and send correspondence (electronically) to membership, as deemed necessary or as requested by the President or Executive Committee. Maintain a current, accurate membership list. Maintain database and implements an efficient way for staff to access files and records (e.g. filing letters received, copies of letters sent, committee reports, lists of committees, volunteer agreement forms, etc.) Have on hand at each meeting an agenda, minutes of the previous meeting, committee reports, and bylaws. Respond to inquiries from a wide variety of internal and external parties, including handling communications through the service account.
    • Communications and Marketing Coordinator: Serve as the chair of the Communications and Marketing Committee. Serve as the web master of the YEP website and related social media. Maintain all social media or other platforms approved by the Executive Committee. Plan, produce, design, and distribute all approved communications and marketing materials for YEP related events via email, website, the university calendaring system, and other media platforms. Take photographs or video special programs and events, as requested by the Executive Committee, for archival purposes. Create a repository and catalog system for photos, video, and other media. Establish a system for cross-training and sharing access to media with other designees. Stay up to date on university technology training to maintain website and other media platforms. Ensure consistency with the organization’s brand and make recommendations for adjustments to communications strategies and practices. 
    • Diversity Coordinator: Serve as the liaison to the University Diversity Council and regularly inform the Executive Committee of the progress regarding the group's efforts. Cultivates relationships with other employee resource groups on campus to seek out opportunities for collaboration. Collaborate with the Programming and Events Coordinator to lead, design or facilitate diversity and equity workshops, presentations, learning opportunities and other strategies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Ensure the YEP website material and communications is updated and inclusive, including YEP’s diversity and inclusion statement, and work with the Communications and Marketing Coordinator to make changes as needed. Serve as an advocate for YEP members looking for assistance related to diversity and inclusion matters that pertain to their role at UofL. Develop and implement diversity-related initiatives that are of interest to members. Maintain an awareness of issues within and outside the university that pertain to diversity concerns and advise the Executive Committee.
    • Programming and Events Coordinator: Responsible for planning and organizing social activities, programs, and events for the organization. Works in collaboration with the Fundraising Coordinator to coordinate fundraising initiatives approved by the Executive Committee. Collaborates with other groups/organizations on or off campus to co-sponsor social activities, programs, and events for YEP. Maintains and updates the events calendar for the organization. Maintains attendance logs for events. Gathers, reviews, and analyzes post-event evaluations and report outcomes to the Executive Committee. Coordinates and plans the annual celebration for officers and committee members in collaboration with the President or other designee.

We also welcome members to join our standing committees anytime! Volunteer commitment averages approx. 5 hours per month. 

    • Communications and Marketing Committee: This committee is responsible for managing to website and other media resources related to the promotion of YEP related programs, events, and social activities. Desirable candidates will have experience or interest in communications and marketing, social media, web development, creative media, and/or public relations either through education, work, or volunteering.
    • Diversity Committee: This committee is responsible for the inclusion and welcoming of members, development of new policies to align with the Cardinal Principals and UofL’s Diversity Council, and identifying the gaps and opportunities within YEP to enrich a sense of belonging for members. Desirable candidates will have experience or an interest in diversity, inclusion, and equity, creating and implementing policies and opportunities for engagement, and public enrichment either through education, work, or volunteering.
    • Membership Committee: This committee is responsible for the recruitment and retention of members and identifying the needs of membership. Represent and support YEP at various events. Engage directly with members at events, welcoming them and helping them feel connected to the organization. Desirable candidates will have experience or an interest in recruitment, relationship building, and public speaking either through education, work, or volunteering.
    • Programming & Events Committee: This committee is responsible for the planning and coordination of YEP related programs, events, and social activities and helps to support fundraising efforts. Desirable candidates will have experience or interest in planning, organization, time management, leadership, and relationship building either through education, work, or volunteering.

If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please complete this form.

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Special Note: Please see the YEP Constitution and Bylaws at for a complete overview of the expectations, commitment of service, and responsibilities associated with the leadership role in which you are seeking.

Applications to join the Executive Committee and Standing Committees will be accepted until all positions are filled:

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