Student Groups

Student Parent Association

A Support Organization for University of Louisville Student-Parents to promote the academic success of the university’s student parents; offer support services and resources to student-parents who are pursuing a college degree; and help student-parents learn to balance their personal, social, academic and professional lives. Additional purposes, but not limited to, are to connect student-parents on the University of Louisville campus with one another; offer information regarding campus and community resources that are beneficial to students, such as childcare, housing, academic; etc., and provide networking opportunities.

The Women’s Center MOMS Support Group falls under the umbrella of this organization and will continue its current mission. Membership includes U of L student-parents (both male and female) but is also open to a limited number of student-parents from the local Metroversity schools, such as Jefferson Community & Technical College System (JCTCS), Spalding University, etc., who are not enrolled as U of L students but who are also enrolled student-parents at their respective schools. The SPA/Mom Support Group meets at least twice a month each semester and also sponsors various projects such as the annual Clothing Exchange Project for Children.


Women 4 Women Student Board

This is a women's professional board that prepares women to become leaders on campus and in the community. The focus of this board's programs are on health, education, and leadership of women. To learn more or to apply send an email .


American Association of University Women (AAUW) - UofL

American Association of University Women (AAUW) - UofL, the first AAUW student organization in Kentucky, prepares women to become leaders on campus and in the community and take action. The focus of this organization's programs are women in STEM, pay equity, women in politics and more. To learn more email the Women's Center.


UofL Women's Veteran Support Group

This group, comprised of women student veteran from all branches of the military as well as Active Duty, Reserves or the National Guard, is designed to provide each other with a supportive community, network of friends and empowering each other to succeed in academics and beyond. Women student-veterans are encouraged to get involved! (This support group along with the Student Parent Association is sponsoring a fall collection drive for homeless women veterans, in conjunction with the SPA Clothing Exchange Project.)