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What a WGS major prepares you to do


As an interdisciplinary degree program, Women’s & Gender Studies prepares its students for a wide range of career opportunities in numerous fields. Allowing students to select courses from a variety of disciplines in the arts and sciences, including history, biology, political science, philosophy, and English, WGS majors are offered a rich environment within which to develop skills in critical thinking and communication that are required by employers and post-graduate schools.

The WGS major requires students to read, write and think critically about such issues as domestic violence, gender and the media, gender and health care, employment discrimination, gender/race and poverty, among others.

In short, the WGS major prepares students to be citizens of the world:  equipped to think critically about the major issues of the day; able to perform well in a multitude of jobs requiring skills in reading, writing, and oral communication; and prepared to go on to graduate or professional training in a chosen field.   

Students who have graduated with degrees in women’s & gender studies nationwide report a variety of post-graduation occupations. The following list was compiled based on an article by Amber E. Kinser ("What Can You DO with a Women's Studies Major?"), published in Women's Studies Program Administrator's Handbook,  by the National Women's Studies Association (2006). Below are some of the occuptions listed in Kinser's article:



Democratic Counsel to the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Staff attorney, Battered Women’s Justice Project
Legal Assistant
Policy Analyst



Fourth grade teacher

Social Services/Human Rights

Director of HIV Services at a community healthcare center
Director of a women’s center
Director of a city’s Housing and Neighborhood Development office
Program Director for a non-profit organization
Assistant director of a university alumni association
Battered Women’s Center Administrator
Development Director at a non-profit environmental organization
Homeless Shelter Coordinator
Community Educator & Trainer for Abused Women’s Advocacy
Counselor for Domestic Violence Shelter
Crisis Advocate, Harriet Tubman Center
Advocacy for Women & Children
AIDS Project worker
Social Worker


Assistant features editor at Elle

Arts fundraising
Graphic Designer

Medical fields

Medical Clinic Administrator
Mental Health professional


Business Systems Analyst
Small business owner
Vice President of an Interactive Media Services company
Web design and web development
Computer Information Systems Specialist


Many students graduating with undergraduate degrees in women’s & gender studies also choose to go on to graduate or professional training (as the job list indicates).  Graduates of the UofL Women’s & Gender Studies Department have gone on to law school, medical school, and graduate studies in both the humanities and social sciences.

Article about students with degrees in wgs:

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