Affiliated faculty

Faculty affiliated with Women's and Gender Studies include:


Ann Allen, History, Emerita
Beth Boehm, English
Tom Byers, English, Emeritus
Julia Dietrich, English
Patricia Gagne, Sociology
Susan Griffin, English
Alan Golding, English
Mary Hums, Health and Sport Science
Cheryl Kolander, Health and Sport Science
Wendy Pfeffer, Classical and Modern Languages
Nancy Potter, Philosophy
Edwin S. Segal, Anthropology, Emeritus
Arthur Slavin, Humanities, Emeritus
Mary Ann Stenger, Humanities, Emerita

Associate Professors

Tomarra Adams, Pan-African Studies
Anne Caldwell, Political Science
Karen Chandler, English
Karen Christopher, Sociology
Christine Ehrick, History
Karen Hadley, English
Greg Hutsheson, Classical and Modern Languages
Katherine Burger Johnson, University Archives
Karen L. Kopelson, English
Gul A. Marshall, Sociology
NataliePolzer, Humanities
Theresa Rajack-Talley, Pan African Studies
Mary P. Sheridan, English

Assistant Professors

Simona Bertacco, Humanities
Lauren Freeman, Philosophy
Tricia Gray, Political Science
Lara Kelland, History
Jongwoo J. Kim, Fine Arts
Maryam Moazzen, Humanities
Laura Moyer, Political Science
Margath Walker, Geography and GeoSciences