Graduate courses

Below is a list of WGST graduate-level courses. Please note that each semester there are graduate topics courses in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGST 691/692). Check schedule of classes for semester-specific topics offerings.

600 Research Writing in Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
601 Feminist Research in the Humanities
602 Feminist Research and Methods in the Social Sciences (SOC 672)
603 History of U.S. Feminism
612 Gender, Race, Work and Welfare (PAS 612/SOC 612)
615 Sociology of Disabilities (SOC 642; co-list WGST 415)
620 Women's Personal Narratives (Co-list WGST 520/Eng 554)
622 The Body in Popular Media (co-listed WGST 522)
630 Feminism in Western Civilization (co-list WGST 530)
631 Women in 20th Century in Europe and US (co-list WGST 531)
632 History of American Sexualities
633 Women in 19th-Century America (co-list WGST 533)
640 Women's Health in Africa (PAS 662; co-list WGST 540, PAS 562)
643 Black Women Voices (PAS 643)
645 Southern Women: Black and White (PAS 645)
656 Feminist Theory (POLS 668)
682 Gender, Race, and Culture in Health Care (Phil 682/BETH 682)
689 Ind Study in WGST in the Humanities
690 Ind Study in WGST in the Social Sciences
691 Adv Topics in WGST in the Social Sciences
692 Adv Topics in WGST in the Humanities
695 Women's Studies Practicum
698 Masters Project
699 Masters Thesis