Web at UofL

Resources and information for those who create and maintain UofL websites


System Requirements

The System Requirements workgroup will submit recommendations for a new technical environment optimized for security, performance and scale including specific components for an RFP and/or consulting needs for the project. 

Example topics:

  • Server hosting environment (cloud hosted)
  • Server automation opportunities
  • Security considerations
Brandon Gaddie (lead)
Chris Huziak
Steve Carrico
Travis Ross
Wes Partin


The Communication workgroup will submit recommendations for improvements to the methods by which we distribute and share information online. This workgroup will investigate enhanced strategies within the marketing, external and internal communication areas. 

Example topics:

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • analytic tracking and reporting
  • Internal personalized content strategies
Bethany Daily (co-lead)
Laura Dorman (co-lead)
Adam Gibson
Baylee Pulliam
Christopher Dye
Dennis Keibler
Dianna Stover
Kari Donahue
Laura McDaniels
Megean Kincaid
Morgan Blair
Paige Wills
Yamini Medabalimi

Web Compliance

The Web Compliance workgroup will submit recommendations for the specific requirements involved with creating and distributing information in a shared technical environment that is accessible to all users and that meets all legal and/or privacy standards. 

Example topics:

  • ADA/Section 508
  • eCommerce
  • Privacy 
Marilyn Greenwell (co-lead)
Sara Northerner (co-lead)
Beth Case
Chris Huziak
Colleen Martin
Dave Parrott
Lucy Overstreet
Max Pisaryk
Rob Staude


The Content workgroup will submit recommendations involved with developing and creating content for digital consumption. Different from the communications workgroup which will study the ways we communicate, this workgroup will investigate what we communicate and put forth proposed solutions or product needs that ensure high-quality content that avoids ROT (redundant, out-of-date, trivial).

Example topics:

  • Media Content (video, photography, infographics, statistics, etc.)
  • Editorial digital content
  • News and events
  • Knowledge inquiries (FAQs, wikis, knowledgebase content, etc.)
Baylee Pulliam (co-lead)
Erica Walsh (co-lead)
Alicia Kelso
Ashley Jefferson
Eric Garrett
Frank Kelderman
GlyptusAnn Grider Jones
Mark A. Woolwine
Melissa Schreck
Jackie Osman
Jason Puckett

CMS End-User

The CMS workgroup will submit recommendations on the user requirements of a content management system. This workgroup will investigate the tools needed for the creation, storage and maintenance of digital marketing content within a CMS. 

Example topics:

  • Editing environment
  • Document management
  • Managing rich content (images, video, etc.)
David Horrar (co-lead)
Jason Seitz (co-lead)
Adam Gibson
Chris Huziak
Dennis Keibler
Jackie Osman
Terri Holtz
Yamini Medabalimi


The Integrations workgroup will submit recommendations on the requirements of a CMS (and environment) as it is integrated into existing and future technical solutions. This group will investigate current technology implementations at UofL that involve (in part or whole) public-facing marketing components.

Example topics:

  • Content delivery networks
  • eCommerce and payment systems
  • Emergency notification systems
Adam Gibson (co-lead)
Derek Davenport (co-lead)
Atticus Gurley
Brandon Gaddie
Keith Henderson
Mani Vangalur
Ryan McDaniel
Steve Carrico
Yamini Medabalimi