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Web Improvement Project


In order to continue to attract great students, to grow our relationships with our community and make the daily lives of our students, faculty and staff better, we know that it is vital to dedicate proper time and attention to improving our websites and the processes behind creating and maintaining them.

Beginning in 2020, the university will embark on this multi-year project to revamp our entire digital presence.

The Vision

To create a web experience that is:

An audience-centered web experience prioritizes user needs first, placing a specific audience group at the center of every crucial decision in this project—from content creation, to navigation, to design choices. By making considerate, careful choices aimed at specific audience personas, we will be able to increase our relevance and overall user satisfaction.

To remain competitive with other institutions and compel our audiences to engage more deeply, our digital presence must succeed at bringing UofL’s brand to life. Through the intentional use of design, editorial and behavioral expressions we will demonstrate the core values that make our university unique, diverse, dynamic and vital to this community.

As the foundational pillars of our shared culture, our vision also affirms our commitment to being a great place to learn, work and invest. We will prioritize our solutions against this foundation to make sure we are aligned with our university priorities

...a great place to learn because it prepares students for success now, next and beyond. We accomplish this by supporting the whole student through transformative purpose-driven and engaged learning.

...a great place to work because it is a workplace dedicated to personal growth and professional development. We accomplish this by fostering a culture where faculty, staff and administration live our institutional values.

...a great place to invest because of its demonstrated impact on the economic, social and cultural health and well-being of Louisville, the Commonwealth and beyond. We accomplish this through innovative teaching, research, scholarship and creative activity, principled leadership, responsible stewardship and engaged partnerships.

As with most other efforts on campus, our success depends on the alignment with and response to the institutional goals and priorities that have been set and shared with the campus community. One example of this is the UofL Strategic Plan. In order for the University to move forward as one, the metrics and guiding strategies shown here must be routinely re-evaluated, and the response with the web realigned accordingly. In essence we’re establishing a source of data and decisions that our project can point back to. Not a single moment in time, but a fluid set of guiding documents.