Theme Training

Note:Theme training is ONLY offered for Plone 4 university provided themes and not custom themes.

Have you selected the Plone 4 Marketing Theme and can't figure out how to set it up? If so, Next Gen Services is offering 1 hour of FREE one-on-one training to support customers using university provided themes.

Make sure you have images needed to support creating your theme and content in your site before signing up.

Administrator Training

Note:Administrator training is ONLY offered for administrators, the individual assigned to control overall maintenance of the website.

Plone 4 has a new control panel designed for site administration. The three-hour classes will teach administrators how to use all the new features in Plone 4, including:

  • Advanced HTML
  • Adding users and groups
  • Modifying site parameters
  • Local CSS
  • Google Analytics
  • Setting up headers and footers
  • Setting up contact email
  • Tiny MCE options if administrators want extra buttons on their sites
  • Setting site title and description

Please fill out the online administrator training form to schedule your time.