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21st century
alumniU of L Alumni Association
alumniA&S Alumni and Friends
alumni *Alumni Email
alumniAlumni Email Newsletter

ArtsAndSciencesAir Force ROTC
ArtsAndSciencesDepartment of Anthropology
ArtsAndSciencesDepartment of Fine Arts
ArtsAndSciencesArts and Sciences Advising
ArtsAndSciencesAS Diversity

ArtsAndSciencesFilm and Digital Media Studies Minor

ArtsAndSciencesA&S Ideas to Action
ArtsAndSciencesA&S International, Diversity and Outreach Programs
ArtsAndSciencesAS International

ArtsAndSciencesArts and Sciences research
ArtsAndSciencesArts and Sciences research
ArtsAndSciencesCenter for Arts and Culture Partnerships
ArtsAndSciencesAsian Democracy

ArtsAndSciencesAsian Studies

ArtsAndSciencesAtmospheric Science

ArtsAndSciencesDepartment of Biology
ArtsAndSciencesSarah Emery's Lab

ArtsAndSciencesBrazilian Studies
ArtsAndSciencesDepartment of Chemistry


ArtsAndSciencesDepartment of English
ArtsAndSciencesComposition Program

ArtsAndSciencesFrench Section of the Department of Classical and Modern Languages
ArtsAndSciencesDepartment of Geography and Geosciences
ArtsAndSciencesHistory Department
ArtsAndSciencesUniversity Honors Program
ArtsAndSciencesLiberal Studies
ArtsAndSciencesModern Languages
ArtsAndSciencesNational Crime Prevention Institute

ArtsAndSciencesPolitical Science
ArtsAndSciencesParalegal Studies





















ArtsAndSciencesMindfulness and Biobehavioral Health Research






ArtsAndSciencesA&S Saturday Academy
ArtsAndSciencesDepartment of Sociology
ArtsAndSciencesSpanish Section, Classical and Modern Languages
ArtsAndSciencesNational PTO Academy
ArtsAndSciencesDepartment of Theatre Arts
ArtsAndSciencesWomen's and Gender Studies Department
Brown Cancer Center *Brown Cancer Center
BusinessSchoolManagement 460 Class Site

BusinessSchoolLabor-Management Center

Center for Enviromental Policy and Management
Calendars *Calendars
dental-schoolBirth Defects Center

dental-schoolDental School

dental-schoolLisa L. Sandell Lab - Dental
EKU Emergency Failover
EducationCollege of Education and Human Development
EducationCenter For Innovation and Instruction For Diverse Learners

EducationCollege of Education and Human Development

EducationCEHD Doctoral Student Portal

EducationJournal of Education for Students Placed At Risk

EducationKentucky Principals’ Academy: Keys to Powerful Actions

EducationKentucky Autism Training Center
EducationNCATE Exhibit Room

EducationUniversity of Louisville Sport Administration Club

EducationNOYCE Teacher Scholar’s Grant

EducationGheens Science Hall and Rauch Planetarium
FacultyAvery Kolers

FacultyAndy J. Frey

FacultyAndrew L. Wright Professional Site

FacultyNahata's home page

FacultyDr. Bruce Horner

FacultyDr. Bronwyn T. Williams

FacultyHomepage of Cynthia Corbitt, Ph.D
FacultyGrapperhaus Research Group

FacultyCharles Courtemanche's Website

FacultyDavid D. King

FacultyDavid W. Hein

FacultyMueller Research Group

Faculty *Elizabeth L. Munnich
FacultyGuido Cataife

FacultyArteel Laboratory

FacultyHarrell E. Hurst, Ph.D.

FacultyJason Gainous

FacultyJohn Gibson

FacultyRock Deformation Laboratory

FacultyJ. Christopher States, Ph. D.

FacultyRelationship and Psychotherapy (RAP) Lab

FacultyJessica L. McCarty, Ph.D.

FacultyJoanna Wolfe

FacultyJose M. Fernandez

Facultylijun Zhang

FacultyDr. Lee Alan Dugatkin's Home Page

FacultyWorley lab

Faculty *Melissa Platt
FacultyProf. Mark E. Noble

FacultyNancy Nyquist Potter

FacultyDr. Noell Rowan

FacultyPhilip J. DiBlasi

FacultyPeter P. Rowell

FacultyRuth Huber

FacultyDr. Robert N. St. Clair

FacultyFaculty Website of Sumei Zhang

FacultySimona Bertacco
FacultySharon E. Moore

FacultyDr. Sherri L. Wallace

FacultyDr.Suraj M.Alexander

FacultySusan M. Griffin

FacultyDr. Steven R. Myers

FacultyTerry L. Singer

FacultyKalbfleisch Research Lab

FacultyDr. Meera Alagaraja
FacultyCorbitt Lab
Faculty Handbook
graduate2011 - 2012 Graduate Catalog
human-resourcesHuman Resources
Instance-GraduateSchool of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies
Instance-LibraryUniversity Libraries
Instance-LibraryUniversity Archives & Records Center

Instance-LibraryArt Library

Instance-LibraryEkstrom Library

Instance-LibraryKornhauser Health Sciences Library

Instance-LibraryDwight Anderson Music Library




Department of Urban and Public Affairs
ITIT Digital Campus

ITIT Disaster Recovery

ITUniversity Email
ITInformation Technology

KentSchoolRaymond A. Kent School of Social Work
Law *Admitted Students
MedSchoolAutism Center At Kosair Charities

MedSchoolCampus Health Services

MedSchoolWeisskopf Child Evaluation Center

MedSchoolChildren's Health & Illness Recovery Program

MedSchoolDiabetes & Obesity Center
MedSchoolUniversity of Louisville Alcohol Research Center

MedSchoolHSC Compliance Office

MedSchoolContinuing Health Sciences Education
MedSchoolSchool of Medicine Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
MedSchoolHSC Information Station

MedSchoolIntegrated Programs in Biomedical Sciences
MedSchoolInstitute For Cellular Therapeutics

MedSchoolInstitute for Molecular Diversity and Drug Design

MedSchoolKentucky Area Health Education Centers -

MedSchoolAnatomical Sciences & Neurobiology
MedSchoolLabratory of DR. Robin Krimm
MedSchoolDepartment of Anesthesiology

MedSchoolAcland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy

MedSchoolDoctor of Audiology Program
MedSchoolDepartment of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
MedSchoolUofL Health Sciences Center

MedSchoolDivision of Cardiovascular Medicine

MedSchoolOffice of Minority and Rural Affairs

MedSchoolDual Degree Programs

MedSchoolDivision of Endocrinology, Metabolism & Diabetes

MedSchoolFamily & Geriatric Medicine
MedSchoolPRIME Project

MedSchoolDivision of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

MedSchoolGraduate Medical Education
MedSchoolGME education and research
MedSchoolHouse Staff Council
MedSchoolDivision of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

MedSchoolHouse Staff Council

MedSchoolInfectious Diseases Laboratory

MedSchoolGeneral Internal Medicine, Palliative Medicine and Medical Education

MedSchoolInterdisciplinary Curriculum in Oncology Palliative Education
MedSchoolInternal Medicine Residency Program
MedSchoolUofL Medicine Magazine

MedSchoolUniversity of Louisville Physician Placement Service
MedSchoolDepartment of Medicine
MedSchoolMedical Student Home Page

MedSchoolMedical Student Affairs
MedSchoolDepartment of Microbiology and Immunology
MedSchoolMass Spectrometry Core Laboratory

MedSchoolHead & Neck Surgery



MedSchoolMovement Disorders

MedSchoolNeuroscience Graduate Program

MedSchoolDepartment of Neurosurgery

MedSchoolSusan Harkema, Ph.D. - Human Locomotion Research Center

MedSchoolDepartment of Orthopaedic Surgery

MedSchoolDepartment of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
MedSchoolDepartment of Pediatrics

MedSchoolPhysiology & Biophysics
MedSchoolPhysical Medicine & Rehabiliation Residency Program at Frazier Rehab Institute
MedSchoolPost-Baccaulareate Pre-Med Program

MedSchoolDivision of Protective Medicine (DPM)

MedSchoolDepartment of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

MedSchoolDivision of Rheumatology,medschool/rheumatology6/3/136/14/137/8/137/8/137/15/13
MedSchoolPulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Disorders Medicine

MedSchoolSpeech Pathology

MedSchoolUrology Residency Program

MedSchoolNursing - Healthcare for Diverse Populations (color of health)
MedSchoolClinical Trials - Human Subjects

MedSchoolInternational Travel Clinic
MiscSitesClinical and Translational Sciences Institute

MiscSitesThe Flexner Report Centennial Symposium

MiscSitesKentucky Pollution Prevention Center
MiscSitesThe McConnell Center
MiscSitesSportsadmin Golf Scramble

MiscSitesSociety for Neuroscience
MiscSitesUpward Bound
Hammond Group
Health behavior change lab
ResearchSitesExport and Secure Research
ResearchSitesDemocracy and Development

ResearchSites*Data Mining Lab
ResearchSitesKentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center
ResearchSitesNational Survey of Student Engagement

ResearchSitesU of L Cleanroom User Resource Site

ResearchSitesMicroarray Core Facility
ResearchSitesHSPPO Web Page
ResearchSitesInstitutional Animal Care and Use Committee

ResearchSitesBirds of Jamaica

ResearchSitesKentucky Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network and INBRE
ResearchSitesKentucky Welfare Reform Evaulation

ResearchSitesIntegrated Microfluidic Systems Laboratory

ResearchSitesOffice of Clinical Research Services & Support (OCRSS)
rsoWLCV Student Radio

SpeedJ.B. Speed School

SpeedDepartment of Chemical Engineering

SpeedCivil and Environmental Engineering

SpeedComputer Engineering - Speed

SpeedElectrical Engineering - Speed

SpeedEngineered Platforms for Exploring Cellular and Molecular Signaling Processes

SpeedCenter for Ergonomics

SpeedDepartment of Engineering Fundamentals

SpeedHarnett Research Group

SpeedDepartment of Industrial Engineering

SpeedMechanical Engineering Department

SpeedRapid Prototyping Center

SpeedRenewable Energy Applications Laboratory (REAL)

StudentLifeCareer Development Center
StudentLifeThe counseling Center
StudentLifeDean of Students
StudentLifeHousing and Resident Life
StudentLifeIntramural and Recreational Sports
StudentLifeCivic Engagement, Leadership, & Service

StudentLifeStudent Recreation Center

StudentLifeStudent Affairs
StudentLifeStudent Activities
StudentLifeStudent News and Events

uofl-administrationAdmissions Newcards - Information for Students

uofl-administrationNew Student & Family Orientation
uofl-administrationAudit Services
uofl-administrationBias Incident Response Team


Business Affairs
uofl-administrationOffice of the Vice President for Business Affairs
uofl-administrationContract Administration & Procurement Services

Business payments9/19/129/27/1210/25/1210/25/1210/25/12
uofl-administrationCardnal Card
uofl-administrationUniversity of Louisville Commencement
uofl-administrationLiving Learning and Themed Communities
uofl-administrationOffice of Community Engagement
uofl-administrationDelphi Center for Teaching and Learning - Conference Services
uofl-administrationConflict of Interest Office

uofl-administrationCopyright Education
uofl-administrationCommission on the Status of Women
uofl-administrationDepartment of Environmental Health and Safety
uofl-administrationDepression Center


uofl-administrationEnergy Savings Performance Contract

uofl-administrationFaculty Senate
uofl-administrationVice President for Finance
uofl-administrationStudent Financial Aid
uofl-administrationFinancials Information
uofl-administrationFlight Plan - Your Journey to Graduation
uofl-administrationFor the Media

uofl-administrationIDEAS TO ACTION (i2a): Using Critical Thinking to Foster Student Learning and Community Engagement
uofl-administrationInformation Centers

uofl-administrationThe Office of Academic Planning and Accountability (OAPA)
uofl-administrationIntra-University Transfer

uofl-administrationLegislative Action Center
uofl-administrationOffice for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Services
uofl-administrationDelphi Center for Teaching and Learning
uofl-administrationFaculty Mentoring

uofl-administrationThe Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM)

uofl-administrationOmbuds Office

uofl-administrationOnline Learning
uofl-administrationBlack Faculty/Staff Association

uofl-administrationUniversity Police
uofl-administrationOffice of the President
uofl-administrationProcurement Card Services
uofl-administrationProfessional Development Delphi
uofl-administrationRegistrar's Office
uofl-administrationResidency for Tuition and Admission
uofl-administrationAssociation of Retired Personnel
uofl-administrationHow will UofL use the stimulus plan to drive economic recovery?

uofl-administrationStudy Abroad

uofl-administrationTesting Services
uofl-administrationStudent Support Services

uofl-administrationTransfer Services

uofl-administrationUndergraduate Affairs
uofl-administrationUofL Cares

uofl-administrationUofL Today

uofl-administrationUniversity Planning, Design and Construction
uofl-administrationWhat’s Happening @ UofL

wwwOffice of Admissions
wwwUndergraduate Academic Advising
wwwUniversity Alert System

wwwMuhammad Ali Institute

wwwPortuguese Studies Program

wwwInstitute for Bioethics, Health Policy and Law
wwwInterdisciplinary Master of Arts - Bioethics & Medical Humanities
wwwBucks for Brains

wwwCommonwealth Center for the Humanities and Society
wwwChinese Studies

wwwCODRE - Commission on Diversity and Racial Equality
wwwDepartment of Communications
wwwInstitutional Compliance
www2008 African Philosophy Conference

www2007 National Conference on Graduate Student Leadership

wwwSouthern Group on Educational Affairs 2007 Annual Meeting

wwwUGIM Symposium 2008

wwwThomas R. Watson Conference
wwwContract Administration
wwwCultural Center

wwwDisability Resource Center

wwwIntensive English Language Program
wwwOffice of Enrollment Management
wwwCEGIB - Center for Environmental Genomics and Integrative Biology

wwwFire Safety

wwwThe Office of First Year Initiatives
wwwFrederick Hart: Giving Form to Spirit

wwwCenter for Genetics and Molecular Medicine

wwwHuman Resources -- Get Healthy Now

wwwInternational Center
wwwInternational Center ISSShttp://internationalcenter/isss1/10/132/7/137/30/137/31/138/1/13

wwwIT-Next Gen
wwwJustice Administration
wwwKentucky Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development

wwwCenter for Land Use and Environmental Responsibility

wwwLatin American and Latino Studies Program

wwwLogistics and Distribution Institute (LoDI)
wwwSchool of Medicine
wwwSchool of Medicine Admissions
wwwBehavioral Oncology Lab

wwwOffice of Medical Education
wwwDepartment of Emergency Medicine
wwwSchool of Medicine - Faculty Affairs
wwwFaculty Development

wwwMD/PhD Program
wwwCombined Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Residency Training Program

wwwDepartment of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Women's Health
wwwParis Simulation Center
wwwDepartment of Pediatrics

wwwDepartment of Pharmacology and Toxicology

wwwMedical Education Research Unit
wwwStandardized Patient Program

wwwMiddle East and Islamic Studies

wwwMicro/Nano Technology Center
wwwSchool of Nursing
wwwNursing Accelerated 2nd Degree Program

wwwBachelor of Science in Nursing program

wwwNursing - Harambee Health Center

wwwMaster of Science in Nursing program

wwwRN/BSN Program - Online

wwwDoctor of Philosophy in Nursing program

wwwNursing Student Council

wwwFaculty and Staff for Human Rights

wwwDepartment of Pan-African Studies (PAS)

wwwUniversity Parking
wwwPrevention, Education, and Advocacy on Campus and in the Community (PEACC)
wwwDepartment of Philosophy

wwwDepartment of Physical Plant

wwwPodcast Area

wwwPostal Services
wwwOffice of The University Provost
wwwDepartment of Purchasing

wwwRegistrar's Office

wwwArthroscopy Lab

wwwUofL Cleanroom Client

wwwEnvironmental and Occupational Health

wwwHuman Subjects Protection Program
wwwSteven P. Jones, Ph.D. Lab

wwwOffice of Research Services

wwwResearch Integrity
wwwRisk Management
wwwSocial Change Minor


wwwJ. B. Speed School of Engineering - Faculty Sites

wwwSchool of Public Health & Information Sciences
wwwDepartment of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

wwwCenter for Health Hazards Preparedness

wwwDepartment of Epidemiology and Population Health

wwwDepartment of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences

wwwDepartment of Health Management and Systems Sciences

wwwDepartment of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences

wwwSouthern Police Institute
wwwStaff Senate
wwwStockroom/Central Receiving
wwwStudent Advocate

wwwInventory Control/Surplus Property
wwwTechnology Transfer

www2012 - 2013 Undergraduate Catalog
wwwOffice of Military and Veteran Student Services

wwwWeb Content at UofL
wwwweROCK iMovie Fest

wwwWomen's Center
wwwWriting Center
wwwUofL HomePage

wwwDepartment of Communication
wwwHealth Sciences Center
wwwArmy ROTC
wwwDivision of Student Affairs

wwwDigital Media Suite
wwwWeddings at U of L
Health Promotion
Hispanic and Latino Faculty and staff Association
Information Security
iTech Connect
Louis D. Brandeis School of Law
Louis D. Brandeis School of Law
Office of academic technology
Owensboro Cancer Research Project
Prestigious Scholars
project progress
Public History at the U of L
Radiation Oncology
Research Cores
Research Louisville
Religious Life
School of Medicine
Small Systems Laboratory
Social Media Directory
Sponsored Programs Administration
Surgical and Hospital Dentistry
Technology Transfer
Transfer/Adult Services
UL - Aneshesiology Clinical Trials (UL-ACT)
Undergraduate Admissions
University of Louisville Compliance and Audit Divisionhttp://louisville.educomplianceaudit10/12/1211/3/12
University of Louisville Privacy Office
UofL Brand
UofL Family Medicine Residency
UofL GME Office Help Site for Program Directors and Coordinators
UofL Web Helpcenterhttp://louisville.eduweb/helpcenter9/11/129/11/129/11/129/11/129/11/12
Valdes Lab
Vice President for Student Affairs
Walsh MEMS Research Group
Worley lab