Event Scheduling Guidelines - Non-Instructional Facilities

Academic Units/Administrative Departments have the right to schedule events that are related to the operation of the unit or curriculum of the academic course in UofL facilities.

Recognized student organizations that are not on restriction status with Student Government Association can schedule UofL facilities for events. To schedule space for UofL recognized student organizations, a valid Campus Card is required or you must be listed with Student Government as the RSO advisor.

Community or outside organizations
must have a UofL sponsor to schedule an event in non-revenue facilities. Sponsors are UofL units/departments or organizations. A current letter of sponsorship signed by the chairperson or president of the sponsoring organization must be on file with the scheduler. The Sponsor will be responsible for any damage to UofL facilities or equipment and for all actions of the participants while on campus.

If a community or outside group does not have a UofL sponsor, they may send a written request to VP for External Affairs, 102 Grawemeyer Hall, Louisville, KY 40292, with the following information:

  • Name of group requesting space.
  • Authorized representative and phone number.
  • Type of activity – complete description.
  • Date and time of activity.
  • Reason for requesting university space.

Allow 2 weeks for a written response.  Groups may be asked to provide information regarding insurance coverage.

Groups without UofL sponsors will not be granted permission to use facilities for:

  • Regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Instruction that would be normally offered by or in cooperation with any other units of the University, unless that unit concurs.
  • Meetings or events that would substantially interfere with or detract from events sponsored by the University.
  • Events for the purpose of political fund-raising or partisan political rallies.

Approval of an event for non-affiliated groups does not guarantee space availability.

University facilities cannot be used by external groups for events that are intended for sales or solicitations that have the nature of a benefit activity or to raise money for uses other than the expenses of the event.  Departments and recognized student organizations may hold events that raise money for philanthropy/charitable efforts or to cover the cost of the event.  The event may not conflict with any university contract(s) or other university policies.

  • Reservations are non-transferable.
  • Reservations should be made at least 3 weeks in advance.
  • Normally, reservations can only be made for 6 months in advance.
  • Reservations are not confirmed until a confirmation notice has been generated.
  • UofL has the right to cancel any event in which the scheduling person, unit, or RSO has not conveyed correct information concerning the event.
  • UofL has the right to refuse facilities to any group.
  • UofL has the right to move or change location of the event is the facilities or facilities are needed for UofL academic instruction or administrate needs.
  • RSO’s must follow the Student Alcohol policy. Security is required for all events involving alcoholic beverages and Open to the Public.
  • RSO’s can only reserve general stage facilities for rehearsal/practice 2 times weekly.
  • UofL will not be responsible for any costs, services or expenses related to the use of facilities by any group.
  • Fees may be assessed or charged for certain facilities or equipment.