The Internship

The profession internship is an integral of the Master of Urban Planning  program at the University of Louisville.  Internships offer the opportunity to integrate and utilize the skills and knowledge accumulated during the academic course work.  Internships provide invaluable experience for students interested in a particular field and also are an excellent source of professional references as they begin to look for permanent jobs.  The internship consists of 200 hours for MUP students.

Student Responsibilities

The student intern exhibits professional conduct and responsibility and follows the policies and rules of the sponsoring organization.  In addition to meeting their job related internship responsibilities, interns must maintain a journal and complete a final research paper.  The internship is carried our under the direction of both an agency and faculty mentor.

Sponsoring Agent Responsibilities

The sponsoring agency is expected to provide a suitable work environment by meeting the same professional standards.  It also must be legally established and financially sound.  A representative of the agency will sign the internship agreement and assign a member of its staff as a field mentor.  The mentor is responsible for assigning responsibilities and offering guidance to the intern.  Mentors will also be asked to complete a final evaluation report to be forwarded to the faculty adviser.

Examples of Agencies for Student Internships

HUD: Department of Housing and Urban Development

Robert Doughty Consultancy England

Bauhaus Design, Germany

Noltmeyer Capital

Intergra Realty

City Properties Inc.

San Francisco Parks Department

American Planning Association

Louisville Metro Government:Planning and Design

Louisville Metro Government: Economic Growth and Innovation

Louisville Metro Government: Community Revitalization Services

Transit Authority of the River City

The Center for Non-Profit Excellence

Housing Partnership Inc.

New Directions Housing Corporation