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See Who's New at UofL - April 2011

by UofL Today last modified Apr 13, 2011 04:23 PM

Human Resources welcomes new faculty and staff to UofL through a formal orientation process each week.

Every few weeks, UofL Today profiles some new members of the UofL community and lists the names of the others who have attended orientation.

Meet some of the newest members of the UofL community:

Name: Raymond Chang
Prefer to be called: Ray
UofL title and department: lab manager, radiology
Short job description: manage molecular imaging/biomedical imaging lab
Why chose UofL: great multimodality imaging center
Schools attended: Binghampton University, SUNY Plattsburgh
Hobbies/Activities: spend time with family, hockey, Gundam/Anime, behavioral neuroscience
Favorite Book: “How the Mind Works,” “Selfish Genes,” “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meaning of Life,” “The Origin of Species”
Favorite Music: Yanni, Kenny G, Enya

Name: David Horne
UofL title and department: director of soccer operations, men’s soccer
Short job description: marketing, promoting, organizing and serving the best college soccer program in the country
Why chose UofL: to serve the best coaching staff and student athletes in the country in the sport that I love.
Schools attended: Saint Xavier High School, Centre College
Hobbies/Activities: hanging out with family and friends, coaching and playing soccer, beading, exercising, hot yoga, ping pong, corn hole
Favorite Book: “The Power of Positive Thinking,” Norman Vincent Peale
Favorite Music: Ranges from Tom Petty to Black Eyed Peas to Cold Play
Anything else you’d like people to know: Big things are happening with the men’s soccer program, and the best is yet to come. We invite you to join us, have fun and enjoy the ride to the national championship!

Name: Burel Ford
Prefer to be called: Burel (pronounced like “Burl” Ives)
UofL title and department: director, Student Support Services, Counseling Services
Short job description: to provide supportive services to enhance retention.
Why chose UofL: an opportunity to help a thriving institution be among the best in the world.
Schools attended: Michigan State University (BA), Park University (MBA)
Hobbies/Activities: reading, exercising
Favorite Book: “Critical Condition: Black Males and Multiculturalism in Higher Education,” “Losing My Cool: How a Father’s Love and 15,000 Books Beat Hip-Hop Culture,” “Picking Cotton: Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption”
Favorite Music: jazz, R&B
Anything else you’d like people to know: Students and higher ed are my passions and I’m thrilled to be here!

Name: Brittaney Obi
Prefer to be called: Britt
UofL title and department: research technician II, infectious diseases
Short job description: patient recruitment, biomedical sample collection, literature reviews
Why chose UofL: I wanted to work for an institution that was highly reputable in medical research.
Schools attended: University of Kentucky
Hobbies/Activities: cycling, yoga
Favorite Book: “The Ditchdigger’s Daughters” by Yvonne Thorton MD
Favorite Music: a little bit of everything

Others who went through new employee orientation in March are:

Robert Beahl, athletics, varsity sports operations assistant
Veronica Berkenbosch, ophthalmology/visual sciences, lab research technician
Jessica Bisch-Pollard, parking administration, security officer
Callie Booth, family and geriatric medicine, program assistant
Drew Bowman, College of Business, programmer analyst
Amanda Buirley, School of Dentistry, Dental Clinic associate
Jeffrey Burton, parking administration, shuttle driver
Danielle Busboom, athletics, assistant coach for women's volleyball
Mark Crane, College of Business, instructor
Jason Diffenderfer, university advancement, director of development
Matthew Goldberg, libraries, library assistant
Caleb Greenwell, pharmacology, lab research technician
Brandi Gripp, physical plant, clerk
Ulla Hasselrot, neuroscience training, lab research technician
Larry Hope, renal medicine, dialysis equipment technician
Amber Kelly, biochemistry, research technician
Bo Min Kim, Cancer Center, postdoctoral associate

Ming Li, renal medicine, research technician
Min Liu, Cancer Center, postdoctoral associate
Susan Luna, Early Learning Campus, early childhood teacher aide
Frank Parker, medicine, assistant professor
Eleanor Peterson, pediatrics, assistant professor
Kristen Pickard, ophthalmology/visual sciences, program assistant
Danon Robinson, Early Childhood Learning Campus, early childhood teacher aide
Alyssa Roby, neurological surgery, lab research tecnician
Kerry Sherlock, Early Learning Campus, early childhood teacher aide
Monica Sivori, university advancement, administrative assistant
Christopher Stanton, physical plant, locksmith
Xinghua Sun, bio-engineering, postdoctoral scholar
Christine Valley, purchasing-card office, program assistant
Thomas Wagner, physical plant, custodian
Kevin Walker, physical plant, carpenter
Danielle Weires, LoDI, program assistant
Brittney Woodard, infectious diseases, medical assistant
Tondra Young, pathology, clinical research coordinator/FLSA

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