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Ramsey honors outstanding staff

by UofL Today last modified Nov 09, 2012 11:44 AM

University of Louisville President James Ramsey honored 14 staff members with Outstanding Performance Awards during a ceremony Nov. 8 at Amelia Place. Each award winner received $1,000 and a plaque.

Ramsey honors outstanding staff

Award recipients with President James Ramsey.

Here are the recipients (information is excerpted from nomination materials):

Katherine (Katie) Bixby, program coordinator, undergraduate advising practice
Bixby oversees the undergraduate advising budget and organizes and implements both the Advising Fair and the Majors and Minors Fair. She communicates with UofL advisers daily, maintains the ULearn website, prepares documents for meetings, creates event fliers, owns the office service account, keeps the Pro-Card safe and more — all with a smile on her face. The quality of her work is impeccable and one of her greatest strengths is that she looks ahead and prepares for the unexpected.

Jordan Brown, police officer, public safety
Brown has been on the UofL police force for three years and demonstrates the qualities of an outstanding employee every day. He is highly productive, strives for excellence in everything that he does and is extremely consistent. A self-motivator, he needs little supervision and never stops until the task is complete, whatever it involves.

Robert Forbes, director, Center for Geographical Information Sciences
Forbes came to UofL 15 years ago. His charge was to develop and promote the Center for Geographical Information Sciences (GIS) as a regional and statewide resource, to develop a foundational curriculum, to teach GIS classes and to develop connections to service, research and government institutions within the community. He has exceeded all goals and brought distinction to the Department of Geography and Geosciences, the College of Arts and Sciences and UofL.

Leisa Hillman, program coordinator, psychological and brain sciences
Hillman is her department’s senior program coordinator. She performs a variety of essential functions so effectively that many people have no idea how much work it really takes to keep the department running smoothly. She has been an excellent role model for all the staff because of her positive, service-oriented attitude of “How can I help you with that?” Hillman doesn’t just get her job done. She does it with efficiency, independence and extraordinary conscientiousness. She creates an ambiance of service and caring, and she is uncomplaining and dedicated.

George Jennings, custodian, Physical Plant custodial services
Jennings is custodian at the football complex. He is dependable, hardworking, easy to work with and willing to tackle any job. He keeps the building in top shape, a difficult task considering that 110 football players and 40 support staff are in the building at any time of the day. The area is demanding and requires flexibility with the team’s stringent schedules and serving of meals there. It also calls for a proactive approach to avoid any mishaps. Jennings exhibits leadership qualities and is an asset to the custodial department and the athletic program.

James McKinney, floor crew supervisor, Physical Plant custodial services
McKinney works with and supervises a team of 14 people designated specifically for refinishing and improving the 3.5 million square feet of campus flooring on all campuses. He coordinates the yearly floor services and handles special projects as they arise. McKinney is a working supervisor who leads by example and is dedicated to a job well done. He takes time to encourage people who work with him toward leadership and develops them to take ownership of their work. He is dependable, resourceful, proactive and innovative as he works on behalf of those he serves.

Christy Metzger, director, Office of First Year Initiatives
Metzger literally invented the mission and vision of the Office of First Year Initiatives and created its major programs. The programming and her close-up, high-touch leadership have made an important contribution to UofL’s rapid increase in first- to second-year retention and to the goal of increasing UofL’s graduation rate. Metzger’s strengths are leadership, organization and resource management, planning and implementation. She mentors her staff; many individual students who seek her because of her open, frank demeanor; and even colleagues throughout the university with whom she collaborates.

Cheryl Moeller, program assistant, School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies
Moeller has been processing student applications in one office or another for the entire 20-plus years she has been at UofL. In a job where every error is noticed and might be critical, she excels. Her job requires long hours during peak periods. She does it with a smile and a desire to do her best for the students whose applications she is processing. She also serves as support staff to the Graduate Student Council and has taken the lead in her office in helping people conserve energy. She was instrumental in implementing SIGS’ “paperless” admissions office.

Eric Nunn, assistant director of sponsored programs, School of Public Health and Information Sciences
Nunn provides general oversight for grants and contracts, institutional requirements and compliance. In the past year he has had the additional task of drafting the school’s self-study as part of the Council on Education for Public Health reaccreditation process. Nunn came to UofL in 1997 as secretary II in the Department of Medicine. His career advancement stems from his impeccable work ethic, can-do attitude, interpersonal skills and ability to set and accomplish goals. He is a quiet, effective leader who makes people feel comfortable and welcome.

Rebecca O’Bryan, payroll supervisor, payroll services
Effective payroll operations would not be possible without O’Bryan. Her creativity and focus on efficiency have made it possible for a payroll staff of 10 people to do a job that industry standards say should require at least 16.25 people. O’Bryan knows how to explain things so they make sense. She readily shares her knowledge but encourages everyone within her work group to do their own research as well. She is able to inspire people to really love payroll and enjoy doing it. O’Bryan emphasizes that being proactive is an integral part of the job. Her mojo is to be prepared for anything that can come payroll’s way.

Bruce Redman, foreman, grounds maintenance
Redman oversees nine employees who provide the horticultural maintenance on more than 100 acres of Belknap Campus grounds. He helped develop the snow and ice management plan. Whether through landscaping or helping a visitor by answering a question, Redman truly cares about making sure that anybody who steps on campus feels welcome and has a good experience or memory of UofL. Redman wants to be the best supervisor he can be. He attends seminars on personnel management and supervision and encourages his employees to provide input and solutions to the challenges they face.

Jason Ritter, forensic autopsy technician, Division of Forensic Pathology
Ritter is both the first and last person on the forensic pathology staff to interact with bodies that come to the morgue. His job requires extreme organization and scientific and interpersonal skills. He does a difficult job, made more difficult by personnel changes that have left him the only experienced forensic autopsy technician in his office. He has been on constant and continuous call since April. He is actively involved in overseeing and training two new forensic autopsy technicians in addition to his usual duties. Ritter maintains a professional and cheerful attitude no matter the circumstances and the pressure under which he works.

Melissa Shuter, assistant to the vice president for business affairs
Shuter consistently produces high-quality work. She has a strong initiative and is highly productive, whether she’s performing one of her job tasks for business affairs, serving on a univerisitywide committee or helping out another unit. She has a wide scope of understanding of university processes and offers creative solutions for problems. Colleagues count on her to provide useful ideas, cogent arguments and compelling presentations. Shuter always is willing to assist or lead any project and to make sure it reaches successful conclusion. Her dependability is unmatched.

Angela Yates, project manager, Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning
Yates provides Blackboard support and training, provides Tier One support for the Shelby Campus Delphi offices and manages technology upgrade projects such as lab upgrades. She has overseen renovation of Delphi office space and acts as liaison between Shelby Campus and the various construction companies performing work in buildings there to make sure rooms to be worked on are not already reserved. Yates has a reputation as a hard worker with a dedication to customer service. She has a positive attitude and cheerful disposition. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence in all that she does set her apart.

Honorable Mention

Carol Thomas, unit business manager, psychiatry, received honorable mention. She received a framed certificate.

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