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Benefits Brief: Health condition management programs

by UofL Today last modified Jul 22, 2011 09:38 AM

University of Louisville employees with diabetes or COPD who are covered by UofL health insurance can manage those conditions at no cost through two condition management programs.

Participants of the Diabetes Management Program receive free diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol medications as part of the overall process to help them learn how to better manage their condition. The program also includes diabetes education, one-on-one visits with pharmacists and a group education course.

Through the COPD Management Program, patients receive a two-hour assessment with a member of the UofL pulmonary team. The assessment includes a chest X-ray and spirometry test.

Program participants also have a personalized case manager to coach them and teach them how to take charge of their respiratory health. They also receive their pulmonary prescription medications free.

For more information about these condition management programs, contact Donna Matthews, RN at 562-3680 or

To schedule an appointment for the Diabetes Management Program, call 562-4009.

To schedule an appointment for the COPD Management program, call 852-2909.

If you have not received a diagnosis of COPD, but have breathing problems - call the pulmonary case manager at 852-2909 for information about a free assessment.


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