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Students start next life chapter at orientation

by Crysta McGee, intern, communications and marketing last modified Jun 11, 2013 02:18 PM

It’s that time of the year: New students are on campus to get introduced to where they will be for the next four years and to meet new classmates. To put it simply, this is the time where their lives start changing.

Students start next life chapter at orientation

An SOSer leads new students past the planetarium.

“I have students that come from California, the East Coast, from down South and up North. I’m excited to hear their story and what they’re bringing to the University of Louisville,” said student orientation staff member Joel Ben Thomas. He’s completely ecstatic about the freshmen coming in and said he’s excited to teach them UofL traditions.

UofL draws students from around the globe. Some know exactly what they want to do, some are undecided. Some are first-time students and some are transfers. Some have no ties to the university, some are what you would call legacies.

Incoming freshman Braxton Harshaw is a legacy.  Coming to UofL, he said, is “a family thing.” His aunt is an alumna and his whole family is full of Cards fans.

Harshaw intends to major in human development and human performance and said he is excited about the new student body and what’s coming up for him in his life.

Louisville native and future scholar-athlete Taylor Smith is staying close to home. It’s not the soccer playing that she’s looking forward to the most though.

“I’m most excited about learning new stuff,” Smith said. “The gen ed. looks pretty interesting because I usually don’t have choices.”

Orientation continues through June 27.

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