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‘Retrospect’ photo exhibit combines old, new

by UofL Today last modified Sep 19, 2012 12:18 PM

UofL’s Photographic Archives is hosting an invitational exhibit that pairs contemporary photographs with archival images.

‘Retrospect’ photo exhibit combines old, new

Julius Friedman took the left photo of dancer Erica de la O in 2012. He first used the unidentified image on the right in a 1977 exhibition. It is from the Rieger Studio Collection and dates to around 1918.

The exhibit celebrates the archive’s 50th anniversary and runs through Oct. 13 at the Cressman Center for Visual Arts.

Photographic Archives invited esteemed local photographers and friends of the archives to display their work with historical images. Among the photographers:

– Shelby Lee Adams will display his work with an archival image by Clarence John Laughlin, one of his mentors.

– Steve Plattner re-photographed locations in Wyoming that Ed & Louise Rosskam shot in the 1940s for the Standard Oil (NJ) documentary project.

– Julius Friedman submitted two photographs that were directly inspired by images he found in the Photographic Archives many years ago.

– C.J. Pressma created a photo quilt with images from several of the archives’ collections, including the Caufield & Shook Studio

Other participating contemporary photographers include Don Anderson, Bill Burke, Richard Bram, Michael Brohm, Bill Carner, Mary Carothers, Bruce Cook, Barbara, Crawford, Mitch Eckert, C. Thomas Hardin, Laura Hartford, Bob Hill, Bob Hower, Maggie Huber, Bill Luster, Sarah Lyon, Pat McDonogh, Chris Maynard, Guy Mendes, David Modica, John Nation, Jack Norris, Paul Paletti, Pat Pfister, Jon Rieger, Pam Spaulding, Larry Spitzer and Ted Wathen.

Displaying contemporary and archival photographs illustrates the archives’ significance as a resource for artists, students, researchers and casual browsers, said curator Elizabeth Reilly.

The Cressman Center for Visual Arts is at 100 E. Main St. Hours are Wednesday–Friday 11 a.m. –6 p.m.; Saturday 11 a.m. –3 p.m.; and First Fridays, 11 a.m. –9 p.m.

Photographic Archives has more than 2 million images by hundreds of internationally known and emerging photographers. Works include national documentary projects, local history photographs and museum-quality fine prints.

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