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Power outage scheduled Oct. 11

by UofL Today last modified Nov 12, 2009 09:02 AM

To continue the upgrade of the electrical system on Belknap campus, an outage is scheduled 7 a.m. to noon Oct. 11.

A full list of buildings that will be without power during the outage is listed below. The buildings which have emergency generators will have the generators in operation. Call 852-8185 or 852-5963 if you have questions about outage.


Buildings that will be without power:

Belknap Research Building

Student Activities Center

Lutz Hall

Threlkeld Hall

Honors Building

Crawford Gym

Stevenson Hall

Chemistry Building

Red Barn

Service Complex


Student Health

Baptist Center

Ecumenical Center

Davidson Hall

North Information Center

Ekstrom Library

Bingham Humanities Building

Life Sciences

University Club

Miller Hall

Cultural Center

Rauch Planetarium

Unitas Tower

School of Music

School of Education

Strickler Hall

School of Business

Grawemeyer Hall

South Information Center

Brigman Hall

Patterson Hall



Ford Hall

Gardiner Hall




School of Law



MITC Underground



WS Speed



Parkway Field House

Ernst Hall

Natural Sciences

Chemical Storage

Brodschi Hall

Louisville Hall

University Tower Apts

Complex Buildings A, B and C

Traffic Signal at Natural Sciences

Vogt Building, Natatorium

Belknap Parking Garage

Kentucky Telco

Department of Public Safety

Steam and Chilled Water Plant

Fairfax Building

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