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Our Own Quiet Professionals

The most recent issue of UofL Magazine immediately caught my attention, especially with Maj. Kent Solheim, a Green Beret, on the cover. I am a retired Army Special Forces Soldier and completed my second degree at the University of Louisville.

I had somewhat of a different but similar situation while completing my degree. The last summer semester, 1996, I had to make three trips to Loma Linda University Medical Center in California for treatment of “Agent Orange” due to service (2nd tour) in Vietnam. My professor’s worked closely with me as I was carrying 15 semester hours that summer. Due to the University of Louisville professor’s understanding and going that extra mile, I completed requirements and graduated in May 1997.

I retired from the military in 2004 after 20 years in the Army with eighteen in Army Special Forces. Before that I served eight years in the Marine Corps, earning a “Meritorious Combat Promotion” to Sergeant.

I have forwarded copies of the article on Maj. Solheim to numerous Army Special Forces Soldiers and other Special Operations personnel throughout the United States Special Operations Community.

Thank you for capturing one of our own “Quiet Professionals” and recognizing him for the hero he is.

Best regards,

Metro B. Fox 97A
Greenwood, S.C.

Wonderful Upgrade

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that my husband and I have noticed such a wonderful upgrade in the magazine in the last six months to a year. We are both alumni of UofL and have received the magazine for many years. We used to look over the magazine quickly and discard. Now we read each article thoroughly, gaining such grand info about the university and what is happening. Especially fantastic in the spring issue was the story of Maj. Kent Solheim.

You have renewed our pride in our college.


Joyce Eubank 70E, 76GE and Larey Eubank 65B
Louisville, Ky.

Truly Inspirational

The story of student and graduate Monica Marks which is detailed in the Winter 2010 edition of UofL Magazine is truly inspirational and should serve as an example to the administration, the faculty, students and alumni of what makes the University of Louisville the University of Louisville.

I have always been proud of the university both as a student and as an alumnus and this story really reinforces that pride. It is also commendable that the university noted the potential in this young student, took the time to assist someone who really wanted to attend the university and nurtured that potential into the attainment of several scholarships including the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.

Ms. Marks also deserves the highest accolades for wanting to continue her higher education and to reach higher and higher levels of academic accomplishment. She is truly an extraordinary person who realized the value of higher education.

I also want to commend you on your outreach tours of Kentucky. UofL has long been an overlooked treasure in Kentucky.

Monica’s story reminds me of Russell Cornwell’s Acres of Diamonds in which people who were searching for wealth in many places far from home eventually found the treasures in their own backyard.

Monica had her opportunity to search for that wealth in other academic institutions but ultimately chose the University of Louisville. We can all be grateful.

Most Respectfully,

Charles Morris Kaiser II 68B
Lexington, Ky.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Your Spring 2010 issue listing my beloved music history professor Dr. Gerhard Herz as an inductee into the A&S Hall of Honor reflected inadequately the status of his mentor, the great Dr. Albert Schweitzer, an ordained minister, a doctor of medicine and a world renowned organist and Bach scholar. Referring to this iconic figure as a “music lover” might equal say, referencing a literary giant as a “book lover.”

I enjoy receiving UofL Magazine.

Richard Spalding, 48MU, 64GM
Louisville, Ky.

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