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Engineering Management (MEN)

This program was approved for students entering the university in the Summer 2009 - Spring 2010 catalog year. For more information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Master of Engineering in Engineering Management

Major: EM

Degree: MEN

Unit: Speed School of Engineering (SS)

Department: Industrial Engineering

The Department of Industrial Engineering of the J. B. Speed School of Engineering offers an evening program in Engineering Management that has been developed to meet the needs of practicing engineers who find themselves performing line or staff managerial functions in technological enterprises. The program is designed to build upon the mathematical and analytical expertise gained from prior engineering education as well as upon his or her professional experience gained in the course of active engineering employment.

A requirement for admission to the program is that the applicant possess a baccalaureate degree in engineering from a college or university offering programs which are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc. In addition, it is expected that the student be actively engaged in full-time professional employment during the period of enrollment in the degree program. The assumption is made that entering students are reasonably competent in a computer programming language such as C++, C, FORTRAN, PASCAL, Visual Basic, or Java.

Students may choose either a thesis curriculum or an alternative curriculum that permits students to graduate without preparing a thesis. If the thesis curriculum is selected, the student must submit a written thesis and present it orally before an examining committee. In order to emphasize the strong orientation of the program toward the solution of ongoing practical problems in the management of technological enterprises, every effort is made to select a thesis topic which involves regular employment experience. The ability of the student to perform an in-depth study of such a problem with the guidance and assistance of a faculty advisory committee is judged to be an important part of the program under the thesis option.

In the alternative curriculum for the Master of Engineering degree, the six (6) semester hours of thesis credits are replaced with three (3) semester hours of additional engineering management or industrial engineering approved course electives, plus three (3) semester hours of engineering management project (EM 699) resulting in a project paper. The purpose of the project paper is to provide the student with an opportunity to practically utilize, in a real world setting, an amalgam of subject matter from the engineering management discipline. Each student choosing this option will undertake an independent study and report the findings in a paper. The paper will be evaluated by the student’s faculty advisor, who determines a grade for the paper. This grade will be based upon the quality of the written report, after consideration of any clarifications provided by the student in an oral discussion of the paper. The requirements for the Master of Engineering degree, with specialization in the field of engineering management, are as follows:

Courses Hours
EM 513, 525, 561, 582, 628, 670 18
EM or IE approved electives 6
Thesis Alternative: EM 690
Non-Thesis Alternative: EM 699, EM or IE Elective 


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