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Nursing (Pre-Licensure Program)

This program was approved for students entering the university in the Summer 2009 - Spring 2010 catalog year. For more information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Major: NURS

Degree: BSN

Unit: Nursing

Pre-Professional Curriculum


NURS 101, S.T.A.T. for Nursing Students(Campus Culture) 1
ENGL 101, Introduction to College Writing 3
ENGL 102, Intermediate College Writing 3
PSYC 201, Introduction to Psychology 3
Oral Communication General Education Requirement 3
CHEM 105, Chemistry for Health Professionals 4
BIOL 102, Introduction to Biological Systems 3
BIOL 260, Anatomy and Physiology I 3
BIOL 261, Anatomy and Physiology II 3
BIOL 262, Anatomy and Physiology Lab 1
Humanities General Education Requirement
(Selected Humanities courses cross count for the Culture Diversity Gen Ed requirement)
MATH 107, Finite Mathematics or
MATH 111, College Algebra or
MATH 112, Trigonometry or
MATH 180, Elements of Calculus or
MATH 190, Precalculus or
MATH 205, Calculus or any higher number Mathematics courses
HISTORICAL STUDIES General Education Requirement 3
ARTS General Education Requirement
(Selected Arts courses cross count for Culture Diversity Gen Ed requirement)
SOC 203, Self & Society or
SOC 202, Social Problems* or
SOC 201, Principles and Concepts of Sociology or
SOC 210, Race in the United States* or
SOC 313, Community Organization or
SOC 314, Public Policy and Social Services or
SOC 323, Diversity & Inequity
(*SOC 202 or SOC 210 fulfills the Sociology requirement and cross counts for Cultural Diversity Gen Ed requirement)
PSYC 363, Lifespan Development Psychology 3
BIOL 257, Introductory Microbiology 3
BIOL 258, Microbiology Lab 1
Social Behavior Science (Gen . Ed. requirement) 
PHIL 311, Introduction to Logic or
PHIL 211, Critical Thinking
(will fulfill Gen Ed Humanities requirement)
PHIL 323, Medical Ethics or
PHIL 321, Ethics or
PHIL 222, Contemporary Ethical Problems
(will fulfill Gen Ed Humanities requirement)
MATH 109, Elementary Statistics or
SOC 301, Introduction to Social Statistics or
PSYC 312, Quantitative Methods in Psychology
HSS 303, Human Nutrition 3
Culture Diversity General Education Requirement
(6 hours required: 3 fulfilled in NURS 361; 3 hours can be
fulfilled by taking any Gen Ed approved Culture Diversity
course, some of which will cross count for Humanities,
Arts, or Sociology requirement)
Subtotal 58-64

*For a complete list of the General Education Requirements please click here.

Professional Curriculum

Junior Level


NURS 338, Lifespan Pathophysiology 4
NURS 361, Community Health Nursing 6
NURS 363, Health Assessment 3
NURS 364, Therapeutic Nursing Interventions 
NURS 366, Foundations for Professional Nursing Practice
NURS 371, Adult Health Nursing 8
NURS 372, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
NURS 374 Nursing Research for Evidence-Based Practice 
NURS 395, Basic Pharmacology 3
Total 37
Senior Level


NURS 461, Childbearing Family Nursing 4
NURS 463 Nursing Leadership and Management 
NURS 464, Child Health Nursing  
NURS 466, Global Health Care Issues, Systems and Policies 
NURS 471, Synthesis of Complex Health Needs 5
NURS 472, Transition to Nursing Practice 2
NURS 473, Community Leadership Practicum 2
NURS 474, Capstone Professional Nursing Practicum 
Total 29


Minimum Total                                                                                   120
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